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How To Use A PTO Bank At Your Organization

If you're struggling with unscheduled, unexpected absenteeism in your workplace, you're not alone. Unscheduled absences cost large companies an estimated $850,000 per year. And this doesn't count the cut in productivity and increased strain on employees who do show up for work as scheduled.

Yet surprisingly, two out of three employees who fail to show up for work aren't staying home because they're sick. A recent survey found that 21 percent miss work to handle "family issues", another 18 percent are dealing with "personal needs", and the rest say they're stressed or simply need a day off.

With the rate of unscheduled absence the highest in almost 10 years, many employers are turning to paid time off (or PTO banks) to help solve this problem. PTO banks combine vacation leave, sick leave, personal leave, and holidays into a single "bank".

But PTO programs don't come without risks. They can increase the overall time off employees take and unfortunately employees tend to view all PTO time as vacation and come to work sick - spreading germs throughout the ranks.pto bank training

On the positive side, a properly designed, implemented, and communicated PTO bank can be a win-win proposition for both you and your employees.

Features & Benefits Of PTO Banks

The HR Training Center offers a number of training courses on how to utilize PTO Banks. Some of the things you'll learn include:

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