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Reasonable Suspicion Testing: What Supervisors Need To Know - DVD Training

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About This Course:
  • This training program has been updated to reflect changes to DOT drug testing regulations effective 1/1/18
  • Helps you comply with requirements of 49 CFR 382.603 (all persons designated to supervise drivers must receive at least 60 minutes of training on alcohol misuse and 60 minutes of training on controlled substance use)
  • Helps your supervisors gain the knowledge and confidence they need to make reasonable suspicion determinations
Our "Reasonable Suspicion Testing: What Supervisors Need To Know" training program covers:
  • Regulatory requirements regarding reasonable suspicion determination
  • The reasonable suspicion drug testing and reasonable suspicion alcohol testing processes (observe, confirm, document, confront, test)
  • How to approach a driver (techniques to use to ease tense situations)
  • How to handle difficult situations when confronting drivers
  • Documenting observed behavior
  • What happens after testing?
  • The warning signs of alcohol misuse and drug abuse and what you should look for when determining reasonable suspicion
  • The effects of alcohol and drugs on the body
It's ready-to-use training program is also closed-captioned for the hearing impaired.

Program Components
  • (1) 24-Minute Video - Combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from industry professionals at all levels. Features 35 minutes of bonus content.
  • (1) Trainer Tools CD-ROM (not sold separately) - Includes a PowerPoint® presentation, quizzes, answer keys, clip art, posters and a training log. The minimum computer system requirements for the Trainer Tools CD-ROM are Office 2000, with Word, and Internet Explorer version 5.5.
  • (1) Trainer Guide - Product Code: 38963 - Features answer keys to workbook tests and exercises.
  • (5) Supervisor Workbooks - Product Code: 38962 - Feature 40 pages of educational content, plus pre- and post-tests, learning activity scenarios, and a tear-out receipt page.
  • (5) Observed Behavior Reasonable Suspicion Record Forms - Product Code: 7218 (862-FS -C 3) - Help document a reasonable suspicion testing situation per 49 CFR §382.307, which requires that a written record be maintained
  • Introduction
    • Opens with a scenario in which a supervisor confronts a driver who he suspects may be impaired. The driver denies being impaired
    • Addresses the goals and importance of the reasonable suspicion determination
  • The Regulations
    • Discusses the supervisor's responsibilities in the determination of reasonable suspicion process (as well as the definition of "supervisor")
    • Covers the regulatory prohibitions for alcohol misuse and drug use
  • The Reasonable Suspicion Process
    • Addresses the five essential components of the reasonable suspicion process: observation, confirmation, documentation, confrontation, and testing
  • Scenario 1
    • The opening scenario is revisited, and each essential element of the reasonable suspicion process is called out as the supervisor applies them
    • Additional detail on observation requirements is provided
    • Additional information on documentation requirements is provided
  • Scenario 2
    • Scenario 2 tracks the five essential elements when a supervisor witnesses a driver dropping what appears to be marijuana. The driver denies that the marijuana is his, becomes belligerent, and refuses to be tested
    • Additional information on the consequences of refusing to take a test is provided
  • Common Behavioral Indicators
    • A substance abuse professional describes some typical observable indications that a person may be using alcohol or using drugs, and how important these observations are to completing required documentation
  • Confrontation Techniques
    • Replays the confrontation portions of Scenarios 1 and 2, and acknowledges that the confrontation part of the process is often the most difficult
    • A substance abuse professional talks about the importance of training to help get supervisors comfortable with confrontations and provides a few ???tips for speaking to the driver about being sent for testing
  • Scenario 3
    • Scenario 3 tracks the five essential elements when a supervisor witnesses a driver behaving in an uncharacteristic manner. The driver self-admits to having a substance abuse problem and cries.
    • Goes into additional detail on self-admission (driver still has to undergo testing), and best practices to follow when arranging to have the driver transported for testing and referring them to an employee assistance program
  • Conclusion
    • Reiterates the goals and importance of the reasonable suspicion determination, and that sending a driver in for testing cannot be arbitrary
    • Revisits Scenario 1, and how the supervisor's reasonable suspicion determination helped the driver get the medical help he needed.
  • Quiz (Running time: 10 minutes)
  • You Make the Decision (Running time: 10 minutes)
  • Effects, Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol Misuse (Running time: 4 minutes)
  • Effects, Signs & Symptoms of Drug Use (Running time: 9 minutes)
Reasonable Suspicion Testing: What Supervisors Need To Know - DVD Training
Price: $415.00
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