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Record Retention: HR Recordkeeping & Document Retention Requirements

Are You In Compliance With State & Federal Requirements For HR Recordkeeping, Record Retention, And Records Management Training?

Records Retention And Destruction SeminarMany federal and state authorities have employment laws and regulations about record retention, including specific HR recordkeeping rules and document retention periods.

And because they are laws, you need to be absolutely confident that all of your employee records, personnel files, and documents - from pre-hire through termination - are legally prepared to defend you.

So ask yourself, whether it is an OFCCP audit, an EEOC investigation, a DOL probe, or an OSHA inspection: Do you know your record retention guidelines, and are you sure you are in compliance?

Typical HR Recordkeeping, Record Retention, And Records Management Training Questions

  • The record retention guidelines and requirements for job applications, resumes, job descriptions, disciplinary letters, attendance records, leave requests, medical-related data, employment agreements, payroll records, salary information, benefits information, and more
  • Electronic storage requirements: how they differ from paper storage
  • Which documents you should maintain in separate filesElectronic Recordkeeping Requirements
  • How to handle medical records, and who should - and should not - have access to those files
  • What to do when an employee (or lawyer) asks to review their personnel file
  • Best practices for safely destroying records
  • What does the ADA require for medical files
  • How to create policies and procedures for maintaining electronic documents
  • What are the requirements for completing workplace safety and health records
  • When do employees have the right to inspect their personnel files
  • What documentation needs to be kept for terminated employees
  • Do you have to keep every unsolicited application for employment, and for how long?
  • What should you do with COBRA records after the covered period has ended?
  • How long do you have to keep an FMLA medical record?
  • What steps should you be taking to protect your organization from potential legal liability due to identity theft?
Learn the answers to your critical recordkeeping and document retention questions about retaining and disposing of personnel records with our Recordkeeping & Document Retention training.

HR Record Retention: Find HR Recordkeeping, Record Retention, And Records Management Training Courses

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