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Reducing Employee Turnover And Expenses

Webinar: ID# 1037054
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About This Course:
A recovering U.S. economy means a healthy job market. This leads to rising employee turnover and many challenges for employers and managers that find themselves in a war for talent.

Learn how to take the necessary steps to identify problem areas, reduce turnover and increase retention and productivity.

This webinar will assist organizations in determining reasons why they have employee turnover, identifying the costs of turnover, effective retention, performance improvement and compensation best practices in reducing this turnover.What You'll Learn:Why Do Employees Leave?
  • Work Satisfaction - Mismatch Between Skills, Job and Company Culture
  • Work Relations (Inadequate Supervision)
  • Value Proposition (Unequal or Substandard Wages)
  • Operations (Substandard Equipment, Tools, Facilities)
  • Lack of Advancement or Personal Professional Growth
  • Work Life Balance
What Are the Costs of Turnover?
  • Productivity
  • Hiring and Training Costs
  • Employee Morale and Engagement
How to Reduce Turnover and Retain Top Performers
  • Make the Right Hire Through Effective Recruiting, Screening and Interviewing
  • Listen and Take Action on Employee Engagement Survey Results
  • Effective Goal Setting
  • Timely Feedback
  • Provide Development Opportunities
  • Ensure Compensation Is Aligned With the Work Being Done
  • Communicate Effectively and Frequently
How to Prepare for Turnover
  • Have a Succession Plan in Place for Key Roles in Your Department
  • Determine the Impact of Each Position on Your Department and Ultimately the Organization's Success
  • Determine the Vacancy Risk of Those High Impact Positions (e.g., Retirement, Employee's Marketability, Life Events)
  • Identify Possible Successors and Provide the Critical Experiences and Development Opportunities to Prepare for the Role
  • Know What the Market Is Paying for Like Positions

Reducing Employee Turnover And Expenses
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