464 Reporting Compensation: W-2s And 1099s | hr webinar
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Reporting Compensation: W-2s And 1099s

Webinar: ID# 1001348
About This Course:
This 90 minute audio conference gives practical guidance on the regulations surrounding the reporting of payments to employees and contractors.

About The Course

The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) gives strict guidelines on the requirements companies must follow or face significant penalties.

In this audio conference we will cover how the information gathered on the W-9 is reflected on the 1099 and how the information on the W-4 is reflected on the W-2. We will cover all the blocks on the 1099 and the W-2, and explain what is reported in those respective blocks.

What You'll Learn:
  • How the information on the W-9 impacts the 1099
  • How to use the W-9 to identify contractors that are at risk for misclassification
  • The two exceptions to the "corporation rule" related to 1099's
  • What should be reported in each block on the 1099
  • When to file a corrected 1099
  • What causes a W-4 to be invalid
  • How the information on the W-4 impacts the W-2
  • What information is reported in each block on the W-2
  • Understanding Box 12 and the payment codes
  • Updating the new Affordable Care Act reporting requirements
  • When an employee must complete a new W-4 every year
  • The penalties for not filing 1099's
  • When to file a W-2C
  • How to not give tax advice but still help an employee

This audio conference is required viewing for any small business owner, payroll manager and human resource managers.

Course Details
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