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Revise Your Job Descriptions For 2023: A Workshop For HR And Managers

Webinar: ID# 1041546
Recorded On-Demand
About This Course:
In this 75-minute online training, learn:

How to avoid FLSA, ADA, and FMLA claims.
Discover how to correctly describe those all-important essential functions, expectations, requirements, and more.

A step-by-step plan to write and revise.
Discover the precise language to include and the red flags that may spark legal trouble.

How to revise your job descriptions.
COVID changed where, when, and how work is performed. Your job descriptions must be revised, too.

If a job description hasn't been changed since the pandemic began, it's a legal time bomb.

You may think of job descriptions as a recruitment tool. The truth is, they are legal documents. Outdated, inaccurate, or missing job descriptions can spark big-time trouble with various employment laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

As most jobs changed in some way during the pandemic, your job descriptions also must change. You can no longer afford to push this task down on your "to do" list.

On March 15, discover how to make job descriptions reflect appropriate job duties and better protect your organization. Learn the practical steps and the correct language to draft effective descriptions for any position. Discover crucial updates and get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to approach refreshing your job descriptions.What You'll Learn:Agenda for Revise Your Job Descriptions for 2023:
  • The 5 benefits of a good job description

  • Which words create liability, and which words help avoid it

  • 4 simple steps to create accurate and defensible descriptions

  • How to define "essential functions" for ADA purposes

  • Exempt or not? The right language to lock in an employee's exempt FLSA classification

  • Avoid FMLA lawsuits with the right words in a job description

  • How gendered or non-inclusive language can come back to haunt you

  • Should they include disclaimers? Yes, and we'll provide a sample you can include

  • Red flags that invite lawsuits and regulatory problems

  • Best practices for every job description
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Revise Your Job Descriptions For 2023: A Workshop For HR And Managers
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