Sales With Integrity: Creating The Experience

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About This Course:
LearnKey's Sales with Integrity course is geared toward sales people of all experience levels who want to be better at what they do. By focusing on the customer's needs and how to understand what those needs might be, Sales with Integrity empowers the salesperson with the ability to perform at a higher level.

Communications expert Genie LaBorde and Salesman Michele Floriani guide you through the steps necessary to recognize the modalities through which your clients communicate and teach you the methods to effectively respond in kind. Sales with Integrity isn't just about closing the sale; it moves beyond numbers and cheesy sales tactics into the realms of practical application of sales fundamentals, person-to-person connection, and trust.

  • Communication: Recognize how your client perceives the world (sight, touch, sound) and how to work with each type
  • Connection: Understand the value of connection between salesperson and client and how that connection benefits both parties
  • Confidence: Learn the skills necessary to be comfortably confident in almost any sales interaction
Session 1
  • Section A: Introduction
    • Some People Just Get It
    • Selling to Everyone
    • Perceptual Awareness
    • The Process of Communication
    • Ground Rules
  • Section B: Perception
    • Seeing, Hearing, and Feeling
    • Patterns of Communication
    • Communicative Sense Preferences
  • Section C: Audible and Visual Signs
    • Three Steps to Increase Communication
    • Recognizing Preferred Sensory Modalities
    • Communicating with Visuals
    • Communicating with Auditories
    • Communicating with Kinesthetics
    • Senses as Communicative Clues
    • Habitual Patterns
    • Perceptual Systems Mismatch
  • Section D: Outcomes
    • Focus on Outcomes
    • Desired Outcomes
    • Successful Communication
    • Perceptions
    • Goals vs. Outcomes
    • Turning Goals into Outcomes
    • Desires and Positivity
    • Senses
    • Dovetailing
    • Long and Short-Term Goals
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Sales With Integrity: Creating The Experience
Price: $99.00
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