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Service Animals In The Workplace: What You Need To Know

Webinar: ID# 1035752
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About This Course:
Many employers are now confronting difficult ADA issues relating to such animals and the workplace. This webinar will give you the information to know what animals qualify as service animals and how an employer can determine if an animal is really a service animal versus a comfort animal. It will also address if an employer must provide food, a relief area, someone to walk a service animal and breaks for walking.

You will learn when a service animal may be excluded from the workplace or certain areas and best practices if an employer is confronted by an employee request to bring a service or emotional support animal to work and potential conflicts with other employees who are allergic to or afraid of dogs.What You'll Learn:What Is a Service Animal?
  • The Department of Justice Guidance
  • Can Animals Other Than Dogs Be Service Animals?
  • What Is the Difference, If Any, Between Companion, Assistive, Therapy, Comfort or Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals
How May an Employer Lawfully Determine If an Animal Is a Service Animal?
  • What Questions May an Employer Ask?
  • May an Employer Demand Documentation That an Animal Is a Service or Emotional Support Animal?
  • Must Employers Permit Employees to Train Service Animals in the Workplace?
Workplace Issues Relating to Service Animals
  • Who Must Control a Service Animal?
  • What If the Service Animal Is Not House Broken or Barks Loudly and Often?
  • Must Employers Provide a Place for a Service Animal to Relieve Itself?
  • Must Employers Provide Break Time for an Employee to Take a Service Animal to Relieve Itself?
  • The Reasonable Accommodation Process and Service Animals
What If Other Employees Are Allergic to or Afraid of Service Animals?
  • How Does an Employer Resolve Such Conflicts?
  • Possible Religious Objections to Service Animals?
Service Animals In The Workplace: What You Need To Know
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