SharePoint Content Management and Collaboration

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About This Course:
3 Sessions - 9 Hours of Interactive Training

Every organization has a need for content management and collaboration. In LearnKey's SharePoint Content Management and Collaboration course, expert Erin Olsen teaches you how to utilize Office SharePoint Server 2007 to facilitate collaboration, provide content management features, implement business processes, and supply access to information that is essential to organizational goals and processes.

By the end of this course you'll know how to collaborate on and publish documents, maintain task lists, and share information through the use of wikis and blogs.

Learning Objectives

  • Allow teams to work together effectively
  • Create and manage documents, records, and web content
  • Create workflows to automate your business processes

Course Syllabus

Session 1

Section A: SharePoint Services Overview
• Understanding SharePoint
• Collaboration
• SharePoint Technologies
• SharePoint Services 3.0
• Improving Workflow

Section B: What Makes a SharePoint Site?
• WSS Structure
• Web Site Components
• Navigating a Site
• Summary

Section C: Creating Sub Sites and Workspaces
• Creating Sub Sites
• Creating Meeting Workspace

Section D: Creating Workspaces from Applications
• Outlook Meetings
• Linking to Workspaces
• Creating Outlook Workspaces
• Creating Document Workspaces

Section E: Document Workspaces
• Opening a Document
• Document Management
• Member Options
• Tasks
• Other Options
• Updating Documents
• Document Management Options
• Viewing Document Workspace

Section F: Announcements
• Web Parts
• Creating Announcements
• Adding Attachments
• Viewing Announcements List
• Links

Section G: Calendar
• Opening Calendar
• Calendar Navigation
• Creating Appointments
• Recurrence
• Export Event
• Connecting to Outlook
• Overlay Mode

Section H: Contacts
• Creating Contacts List
• Adding Contacts
• Contact Options
• Using Outlook

Session 2

Section A: Issue Tracking and Tasks
• Issue Tracking List
• Creating Issues
• Link Related Issues
• Editing Issues
• Creating Tasks
• Connecting to Outlook
• Project Tasks
• Creating Project Task Items

Section B: Managing Lists
• Overview
• General Settings
• List Versioning Settings
• List Permissions
• Item Permissions
• Item Approval
• Read Only User

Section C: List Views
• Customizing Views
• Editing in Data Sheet
• Modifying Default Views
• Sorting and Filtering
• Grouping Items
• Creating a New View

Section D: Customizing Lists
• Creating Custom Lists
• List Settings
• Column Settings
• Creating Lists from Spreadsheets

Section E: Working with Libraries
• Creating Document Libraries
• Uploading Documents
• Working with Library Documents
• Checking Out Documents
• Picture Libraries

Section F: Library Settings
• Versioning Settings
• Document Templates
• Adding Additional Templates
• Organizing Files

Session 3

Section A: Working with Excel
• Overview
• Export to Excel
• Editing in Excel
• Define Data Location
• Export to SharePoint List

Section B: Working with Access
• Why Use Access?
• Access Database
• Saving Exports in Access
• Export to Access
• Updating Data in Access
• Creating SharePoint List
• Creating Databases

Section C: Wiki Sites
• Wiki Site Uses
• Creating Wiki Sites
• Editing Pages
• Page History
• Alerts
• Creating Links

Section D: Blog Sites
• Blogs
• Blogs vs. Wikis
• Creating Blog Sites
• Creating and Managing Posts
• Setting Blog Permissions
• Advanced Settings

Section E: Blogging from Word
• Publishing Word Docs as Blogs
• Views

Section F: Forms Library
• Getting Data
• InfoPath
• Publish Forms
• Filling Out Forms
• Upload Forms

Section G: Surveys
• Survey Overview
• Creating Survey Lists
• Creating Questions
• Branching Logic
• Responding to Survey
• Analyzing Results

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SharePoint Content Management and Collaboration
Price: $135.00
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