aPHR Certification Prep Class

About This Course:
Our instructor-led certification prep course is designed to prepare you to earn your aPHR certification credential. It includes instructor-led sessions, as well as the HRCI print and online materials.

Our aPHR™ exam prep course provides professional instruction covering each of the six functional areas included on the aPHR exam. Specifically:
  • HR Operations
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Human Resource Development & Retention
  • Employee Relations
  • Health, Safety, and Security
Consistent with aPHR exam parameters, this course emphasizes U.S. employment law. It covers HR best practices and requirements in the context of the U.S. legal and regulatory environment.

Class Details

Our aPHR Exam Prep Course for the aPHR exam includes six, three-hour hour live online class "meetings" in which participants attend via web browser. Classes meet on six consecutive Monday evenings from 6:30 - 9:30 pm Eastern.

For student convenience, the live class sessions are recorded and available during the term and for six months following the conclusion of class. Because classes are recorded, it's easy to catch-up at other times if needed.

Attend this class and master essential knowledge necessary for success in a career in human resource management or a related area and prepare to earn the first-ever early-career HR certification. The class encompasses key exam content areas and helpful test-taking strategies and tips, along with current, comprehensive exam prep program materials.

Who Can Benefit

The aPHR credential is designed for professionals who are beginning their HR career journey. This certification is appropriate for individuals whose jobs or career goals involve human resource management, and is appropriate for:
  • Professionals whose roles involve HR duties, such as managers, supervisors, administrators, or business owners
  • Working professionals seeking to transition into an HR role
  • Early-career HR professionals
  • Recent college graduates seeking to enter the HR field
  • Recent college graduates seeking professional roles that involve HR duties
  • Military service members preparing to transition to civilian careers
  • Experienced HR professionals seeking aPHR certification as a precursor to a more advanced credential
  • Anyone wishing to earn a credential indicative of essential U.S. employment law and HR best practice knowledge

  • FAQs
    • What are the class-specific activities?
      Classroom time includes live instruction from your expert instructor where you review content from the HRCI Learning System, as well as work through sample exam questions, test-taking tips, and strategies specific to the exam. Best of all, participants are able to ask questions throughout class.
    • Please tell me about the homework assignments
      Homework assignments focus on key learning issues for both your job and the exam. Essentially, your "home" work consists of reading, working though, and studying the course materials, as well as completing periodic homework assignments that the instructor will review and return to you - with individualized feedback.
    • Is the Instructor available outside of class hours?
      Yes! You are welcome to email your Instructor with questions related to the course or exam preparation throughout the class and the adjacent exam window.
    • How do I access the 'classroom' portion?
      Once you register, your Instructor will email you login information, the class syllabus, and other class materials.
    • Are the training sessions recorded so I can re-listen to key points?
      Yes, each session is recorded. Recorded versions are available up to the week of the adjacent exam window.
    • Must I attend every training session?
      Though you should attend each of the 6 sessions, attendance at all is not required (remember, you can listen to the recorded versions).
    • Are course materials included in my class fee or do I have to purchase it separately?
      Current HRCP materials specific to the aPHR exam are included in your tuition fee, and will be shipped to you upon receipt of your paid order.
    • Do I have to have current HRCP materials to attend the class?
      Yes, all participants must have these materials. They are included with your class tuition fee.
    • How long are my materials valid?
      The printed portion of the HRCI Learning System is yours to keep. You will have access to the online portion for 24 months
    • Is the cost of the HRCI exam included in my class fee?
      The cost of the exam itself is not included in the class; you are responsible for registering for the exam yourself. Tips for doing so will be discussed in class. Also, please make sure to review the eligibility requirements for the exam at
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