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Speed Reading With Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics® Agenda

Seminar: ID# 1003640

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats.

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Evelyn Wood's 4 Basic Concepts
  • Learn how 4 basic ideas can eliminate your old reading habits and move you toward highly efficient, "visual" reading
  • Train yourself to read vertically, and eliminate slow, unproductive "line reading"
  • See the big picture in everything you read — you'll understand the form and organization of the material before you read it
  • Try 5 quick exercises that help you recognize and accept the "visual impressions" in everything you read, and participate in three innovative self-tests to sharpen your new skills in visual reading
Increase Reading Speed
  • Discover how natural speed readers cover material 2 to 3 times faster than the average reader
  • Do you "hear yourself read"? Find out how this common practice impairs your reading speed and comprehension
  • Improve your concentration skills and avoid outside distractions that interfere with reading
  • Gain a vital skill to comprehend what you're reading as you read it — and stop re-reading bits and pieces to improve your comprehension
  • Learn 4 ways to "break in" books and publications before you begin to read. You'll increase reading comfort and ease page turning
  • Practice using your hand as a virtual reading tool. You'll learn basic hand motions that help you keep your place and pace
Better Memory and Recall
  • Find out how to recall information from material you've read — as much or as little as you need
  • Establish a personal "recall pattern" — a logical process that improves your memory skills tremendously
  • Discover how to "preview" material and commit it to memory. You'll remember more of what you've read — with less effort
Note-Taking and Listening Skills
  • Master 4 ways to take better notes at meetings, seminars, and presentations — you'll get all the important information without trying to record every detail
  • Create the ideal study environment and develop a "mental set" that aids retention of the material
  • Use the time management "pyramid" to maximize your efforts with all types of reading — from complex, highly technical material to lengthy proposals, longer articles, legal briefs, and other documents
Improved Reading Comprehension
  • Do you really understand what you read? Learn the 5 levels of reading comprehension, and discover ways to improve your present comprehension level
  • Utilize 10 simple tips for long-term memory and recall. You'll remember information longer than the average reader
  • Discover powerful methods for improving your understanding and comprehension while actually increasing your reading speed
Report and Presentation Techniques
  • Implement a 6-step procedure that streamlines preparation time for reports, presentations, papers, speeches, and more
  • Learning Objectives use the "Multiple Reading Process" to find and compile sources of information for reports and presentations. You'll be better organized and save time, too
  • Get dozens of effective hints for writing first drafts and final reports with greater speed and clarity
Tips for Clearing Out Your Inbox
  • Employ proven tips to help you read journals, magazines, and other publications with greater speed and comprehension
  • Power through your inbox with indispensable reading methods for letters, reports, technical materials, and correspondence
Speed Reading With Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics®
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HR Training Center 5755 North Point Parkway Suite 227 Alpharetta, GA 30022 770-410-1219
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