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Team Leadership

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About This Course:
This interactive course from LearnKey, based on the book Team Leadership by Dr. Don Hackett and Dr. Charles L. Martin, explores methods and concepts to bring out the collaborative voices of your team members.

Learn how to get started with this simple six-step plan and increase participation and team efficiency. They will demonstrate how to develop feedback and clarification skills creating a shortcut to team consensus.

  • Become an effective leader and build strong teams.
  • Gain problem solving skills that will help your team.
  • Review key issues and ideas for effective implementation.
Session 1
  • Section A: Team Building
    • Introduction
    • Course Overview
    • Key Fact
  • Section B: Groups vs. Teams
    • Why Teams?
    • Team Leaders
    • Key Fact
  • Section C: Planning and Organizing
    • Organizing
    • Leading Meetings
    • Content and Structure
    • Goals and Motivation
    • Key Fact
  • Section D: People Skills
    • Assertiveness
    • Coaching and Counseling
    • Key Fact
  • Section E: Solving Problems
    • Conflict
    • The Process
    • Key Fact
  • Section F: Teaming for Success
    • Building Teams
    • Successful Teams
    • Conclusion
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Team Leadership
Price: $99.00
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