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Ten Surefire Strategies For Delivering Win-Win Performance Evaluations

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Employee performance evaluations are among the most stressful work conversations managers have all year. Even if you're a seasoned pro accustomed to conducting regular performance evaluations, judging your employees can be difficult.

Outstanding communication skills are the key to your success. It's your responsibility to take the lead and ensure that your tone is optimistic, supportive, and respectful in order to foster a cooperative atmosphere that allows for a win-win outcome.

Unfortunately, many performance reviews are a mutually-dreaded miscommunication between manager and employee, often resulting in unfulfilling objectives and disgruntled employees. These problems with handling performance appraisals can be based on many factors, including supervisors not:

  • Understanding what effective performance feedback is
  • Realizing the importance of a good performance review
  • Having the skills to deliver and accurate and effective appraisal

But wait; there's hope! You can have a process that changes behavior, leaves good documentation, improves communication and, most importantly, aligns employee behaviors and activities into successful outcomes.

Not only that, but a good system can develop your managers into becoming better managers without costly traditional training.

What You'll Learn:

If you are required to conduct a formal, annual evaluation, it may be time to sharpen your skills. You will walk away from this audio conference with 10 critical strategies for making evaluations a motivational tool. Highlights of this presentation include how to:

  • Conduct valuable assessments that lead to maximizing staff performance and helping your employees achieve their professional goals and your organization's objectives
  • Prepare to assess your employees' performance and confidently deliver your evaluations
  • Ensure that evaluations are an accurate reflection of your employees' work throughout the year
  • Use company goals as a benchmark rather than comparing the employee's performance to that of colleagues
  • Avoid making the evaluation about the individual. You are reviewing that employee's performance, not his/her personality
  • Provide employees with an opportunity to present not only their achievements and how they've overcome obstacles, but also to reflect on areas for improvement in the future
  • Evaluate their work based on quantity and quality relative to the job requirements rather than on subjective opinions
  • Keep feedback focused on your employees' performance, especially in terms of meeting objectives, achieving results, handling critical incidents, and developing competencies
Course Details
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