The Book of Company Policies

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About This Course:
Company policies that keep you in control—and out of court.

With clear and consistent policies, you can steer clear of the most legally explosive issues in your workplace.

The Book of Company Policies puts all this policy know-how together in one source. You'll find 80 model policies—carefully worded, legally sound and already tested in companies across the United States.

Simply apply them to your own company's needs—subject to legal review—to communicate your organization's rules, standards and benefits.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction—Policies: Your Protection and Guide
    • Part I: Employee Manuals
      • Policies Covered in Employee Manuals

    • Part II: Workday Rules and Procedures
      • Hours of Work and Breaks
      • Personal Use of Company Property
      • Computer Use
      • Dress Code
      • Smoking
      • 'English-Only' Policies

    • Part III: Time-Off Policies
      • Paid and Unpaid Leave
      • FMLA Leave
      • Workers' Compensation

    • Part IV: Employment Policies
      • Hiring
      • Employment Contracts
      • Personnel Records
      • Performance Reviews
      • Terminations
      • Independent Contractors

    • Part V: Employee Conduct
      • A Code of Ethics
      • Conflicts of Interest
      • Confidentiality and Nondisclosure
      • Noncompete Agreements
      • Moonlighting
      • Dispute Resolution

    • Part VI: Workplace Issues
      • Employee Privacy
      • Sexual Harassment
      • Substance Abuse/Drug Testing
      • Politicking and Solicitations
      • Violence and Weapons

    • Part VII: Work/Life Balance
      • Work/Life Policies
      • Flexible Scheduling
      • Telecommuting
      • Job Sharing
      • Domestic-Partner Benefits
      • Volunteerism Leave

The Book of Company Policies
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