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Uncovering Workers' Compensation Fraud

Webinar: ID# 1038331
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About This Course:
Who pays for workers' compensation fraud? EVERYONE does, except the fraudsters. Workers' compensation fraud costs businesses millions of dollars a year in lost time, work moral, productivity, staffing and overall business growth.

When is it time for employers, HR, and key personnel managers to take control of a suspicious workers' compensation claim? Understand how carriers and TPAs handle fraud cases and what you can do to assist them.

Take a look into the inside world of what happens when a workers' compensation claim is handed over to the investigator. See case by case studies of how cases are prepared before surveillance is undertaken. What pre-surveillance measures are needed? Focus on social media investigations as the new electronic surveillance.

Lastly, there will be questions and answers regarding the use of surveillance in any current situation that you may be faced with.What You'll Learn:Workers' Compensation Fraud - Who Pays the Price?
  • Statistical Trends, and How Effective Detection and Aggressive Hands on Integration Can Minimize the Damages and Provide Claim Mitigation
  • How to Detect, Identify and Deter Workers' Compensation Fraud in the Work Place - Red Flags
  • Self Insured Retention - Take Control of the Money ... It's Your Money
  • Insurance Carrier Requirements and Insured Involvement, the NICB and CAIF
  • NICB - National Insurance Crime Bureau and CAIF - Coalition Against Insurance Fraud - Meet Your Friends
  • Reporting Fraud - State-By-State Reporting Agencies, Contacts, Address and Phone Numbers
  • The Tools of Anti-Fraud Programs and SIU Involvement
  • Employers' Preventative Measures, Pre-FROI (First Report of Injury) - What Can You Do to Prevent a Workers' Compensation Claim?
  • What Can You Do to Make the Outcome a Success? - Become an Investigator
  • Cost-Effective Field Investigations: Backgrounds, Social Media, Statement Taking and Surveillance
  • Ethics, Doing the Right Thing
  • Proper Use of Surveillance to Document Workers' Compensation Fraud
  • What Does a Good Day Mean?
  • Meet the Fraudsters
Uncovering Workers' Compensation Fraud
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