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Workers' Compensation And Social Security Offsets

Webinar: ID# 1041541
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About This Course:
Social Security and Medicare cause issues for claim handlers, attorneys, and other interested stakeholders in workers' compensation claims.

This program will focus on the impact of government programs on workers' compensation claims and what steps interested stakeholders need to take to drive cases toward settlement.

A focus of the program will be on Social Security offsets and what can be done to take advantage of them in certain circumstances and avoid the overfunding that often occurs with Medicare Set-Asides.

The material advocates a reasoned approach to allocating for the Medicare Set Aside and deciding whether submission for approval is advisable considering anecdotal evidence of MSA overfunding.What You'll Learn:Social Security Disability - It All Starts With SSDI
  • Social Security Disability Process and Eligibility
  • Rules Effecting Settlement Where Worker Is Receiving SSDI Benefits Loss of Earnings and Whole Man
Medicare: A Brief History of Government Benefit Coordination
  • General Medicare Considerations
  • Legal Basics for Medicare Compliance in WC Cases
  • Medicare Compliance Areas
  • Consequences of Noncompliance
Advantages of Medicare Approval in WC Cases
  • Considerations When Submitting Cases
  • The High Cost of the Overfunding Problem
  • Medicare Approval Horror Stories
Workers' Compensation And Social Security Offsets
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