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Workers' Compensation Benefits: Who Is Eligible, How Are They Calculated, When And How Can They Be Settled

Webinar: ID# 1042099
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About This Course:
This presentation is perfect for any professional who may be involved in employee safety or the workers' compensation claims process.

Attendees of this presentation will gain a basic understanding of those individuals who may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits, and what to watch out for when hiring individuals, you think are independent contractors, but may still be covered under workers' compensation laws.

Next, we will discuss the types of injuries that may be reported and how to investigate them, outlining best practices to ensure a claim that should be denied, is denied.

The course will also discuss what benefits are available to injured workers and how to mitigate your risk to some of those benefits. Finally, the course will discuss working with legal counsel and how to successfully manage a claim that is in litigation from both the employer and insurer's perspective.What You'll Learn:Covered Employees
  • Who Are Employees for the Purposes of Workers' Compensation Coverage
  • Independent Contractor Status and Potential Coverage
Types of Injuries and Investigating Them
  • What Are the Different Types of Injuries an Employee May Claim?
  • What Should I Be Looking for That Is a Red Flag in a Claim?
  • How to Investigate Different Types of Injuries and Why It May Matter?
Benefits Available to Injured Workers
  • What Wage Replacement Benefits Are Available to Workers
  • What Medical Benefits May Be Available to Workers
  • What Other Potential Benefits May Be Available to an Injured Worker
Best Practices for Questionable or Denied Claims
  • Suggestions for Successfully Working With Counsel to Litigate or Settle Claims
Workers' Compensation Benefits: Who Is Eligible, How Are They Calculated, When And How Can They Be Settled
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