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Certificate Program For HR Generalists ™

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Boise, ID
6/6/2011 - 06/08/2011 (8am)
About This Course:
At Last - A Program That Covers The Functions Of Human Resources Management!

As an HR Generalist, you are expected to be an expert in every human resource function, including everything from hiring to compensation to payroll to performance management to the numerous employment laws such as the FMLA, ADA, COBRA, FLSA, IRCA, and many more.

Not only do you need to have a strong knowledge base in all areas, but even more importantly, you need to be able to apply your knowledge to the daily situations that arise in your workplace.

What You Will Learn From The Certificate Program For HR Generalists™

This course has been designed to cover the functions of human resource management and to provide you with practical solutions to the HR challenges you confront every day. You'll learn the key duties of an HR manager and get the vital knowledge you need to succeed - plus the critical strategies to perfect your HR skills via 14 information-packed sessions - plus Interactive Exercises - covering everything you need to excel as and HR Generalist. Here are some of the things you'll learn/benefit from:

  • Understanding HR's role within the organization to add maximum valuehr generalist
  • How to create a strategically-aligned HR department to drive organizational results
  • Strategies for identifying and overcoming the current challenges in the HR profession
  • Learning what to do to improve HR's brand image within the organization
  • Employer obligations regarding when to conduct workplace investigations
  • Common laws that create additional "boundaries" in the contemporary workplace
  • Understanding today's "must-have" company policies to minimize risk of litigation
  • Understanding your compliance obligations regarding FMLA, ADA, COBRA, and more
  • Implementing strategies to control and investigate FMLA abuse
  • Learning how to handle personal time off (PTO), vacation, sick pay, and workers' compensation
  • Handling "sticky issues" such as declining employee performance, absenteeism, and unreasonable requests
  • Recruiting: what's working – and what's not
  • Contemporary strategies for employee on-boarding – knowing how and when to leverage technology in the process
  • Learning how to conduct a thorough needs analysis to determine if training is even the answer
  • Common organizational mistakes in developing training programs and how to avoid them
  • Learning the critical steps in developing a training project: from initial scope to evaluation of program
  • Learning why clear, measurable, aligned objectives are the keys to training program success
  • Understanding contemporary strategies in designing compensation systems
  • Learning why variable compensation is growing in popularity
  • Understanding how to create an effective benefits survey to obtain valuable data
  • Understanding what is working - and not working - in performance management
  • Beyond reviews: understanding the action steps to effectively manage employee performance
  • Learning how to identify the issues HR owns vs. what the leadership team owns
  • Identifying strategies to coach, mentor, and develop supervisors and managers to facilitate more positive employee relations
  • Your HR Career: where do you go from here?
What You Receive:
  • 14 information-packed modules taught by a subject-matter expert covering everything from HR laws to the latest trends and issues
  • A 300 page workbook
  • Practical Tips, How-To-Strategies, Best Practices, and Expert Insights
  • An overview of key regulatory requirementssample fmla & ada compliance strategy
  • Case studies based on real court cases
  • A variety of sample forms and notices
  • Interactive Exercises: In addition to learning the applicable laws and requirements, you will benefit from several interactive exercises that allow you to practice what you learn! These include how to:
    • Evaluate a general complaint to determine if an investigation is needed
    • Review a complaint of retaliation
    • Interview a complainant
    • Dealing with organizational politics
    • Manage witnesses who are reluctant to participate in an investigation
    • Handle investigations into allegations of FMLA abuse and sexual harassment
  • 18 HRCI and SHRM re-certification credits!
  • Easy Access: Training available in both in-person and video conference formats
...And as a special bonus, you also receive access to our online Training &Certification Programs for FMLA, ADA, COBRA, and Paycheck Fundamentals and a ready for framing training certificate!

Ready to take your HR career to the next level? Enroll in our HR Generalist Training Program today and unlock your potential!

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HR Generalist FAQs

An HR Generalist is a professional who handles the daily operations of an organization's Human Resources department and manages the department's policies, programs, and procedures. HR Generalists typically report to an HR Manager or Human Resources Director, but they have the skills to independently tackle day-to-day HR tasks. In small- to medium-sized companies, an HR Generalist may bear responsibility for all HR functions. In larger companies, they may make up only a small part of the department.
An HR Generalist's duties vary depending on the size of the organization and its unique personnel challenges. In general, these individuals enforce company policies and perform tasks related to reporting, hiring, and compensation. When you hold this position, you can expect to:
  • Recruit, interview, and hire job applicants for open positions
  • Implement and execute HR programs, including new hire orientation
  • Investigate questionable conduct and resolve disputes
  • Manage employee compensation, benefits, and leave
  • Assist with employee performance reviews
  • Fire employees and hold disciplinary meetings
  • Ensure company compliance with state, federal, and local laws
Yes. This program qualifies for 18 SHRM or HRCI re-certification credits.
Yes! Discounts are available according to both how many employees you want to train and for having us train at your location. The system will automatically figure in your discount when you order; conversely, you can call us for details and pricing.
An HR Generalist certification offers a simple way to advance your career in Human Resources. At, our HR Generalist certification course covers all aspects of Human Resources. This type of comprehensive training will benefit you by:
  • Expanding Your Employment Opportunities
    An HR Generalist certification shows your dedication to the Human Resources field, making you more attractive to future employers and more likely to receive a promotion
  • Explaining Current Laws And Regulations
    HR Generalist training will provide an up-to-date overview of state and federal employment laws. With your knowledge refreshed, you can approach daily tasks with confidence and reduce the risk of noncompliance
  • Providing Strategies For Real-World Scenarios
    Taught by knowledgeable experts, our HR Generalist certification course allows you to ask questions and consider practical examples. You can bring what you learn back to your HR department and increase the value you provide to your organization
Where you need a license to be an insurance agent, there are no legal or college requirements for becoming an HR Generalist. In fact, many people just get hired to work in HR without a fancy title. That said, the HR Generalist is a specific title that can help differentiate you as our HR Generalist training program is specifically designed to address the HR issues you have to deal with on a regular basis.
Take our HR Generalist training program, which includes 14 separate instructional sessions on everything from Benefits to Leave Management to Payroll, as well as interactive exercises to help you process and retain the information you receive.
A Human Resources Specialist , also known as an HR Generalist, an HR Compliance Specialist, or an HR Benefits Specialist, generally handles a variety of Human Resources functions. These can include everything from hiring to compensation to payroll to performance management to ensuring the company complies with numerous employment laws. More Info
While your salary may fluctuate depending upon where you live, the average salary is around $65,000. Of course, individuals with training, previous experience, and an HR Generalist certificate can expect to earn more.
There really is no difference between HR Generalist and HR Specialist, Human Resources Specialist, HR Compliance Specialist, or other similar titles. More Info
There really is no difference between HR Generalist and HR Specialist, Human Resources Specialist, HR Compliance Specialist, or other similar titles. More Info
What Customers Are Saying

I loved this course so much, and the instructor as well. She was very personable and extremely knowledgeable.
~ Anica Rodriguez

Terri Lynn did an amazing job, she ensured all questions were answered without rushing while still staying on time!
~ Erika Rodriguez

Trisha was amazing!!! I enjoyed her ability to address our questions while relating it to real situations in our everyday lives at work.
~ Cheyenne Dixon

I loved this training. It was all together amazingly helpful and insightful. I would recommend this class to anyone.
~ Patricia Mulvihill

Julie is a great instructor. She is personable, knowledgeable, and gives great real world examples of the content. The hours fly by because of her wonderful teaching skills!
~ Kanoe Gantz
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