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Employment Law Agenda

Seminar: ID# 1003653

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats.

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Americans with Disabilities Act & Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Laws, recent court decisions, basic requirements, and current parameters
  • "Reasonable accommodations" and "hardships" as defined and dictated by courts
  • The tricky terrain of stress-related and mental disabilities
  • Policies that are legal in dealing with an employee who has a "managed" health condition or disease
Essential EEOC Documentation & BFOQ Standards
  • How to ensure your Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications (BFOQ) for every job are legally compliant
  • Title VII: who's covered, what's covered, and the surprising things that aren't
  • Recent rulings and where the law's laser-focus is scrutinizing EEOC compliance today
  • The #1 thing you can do to ensure your policies and procedures are EEOC compliant
  • Must-know tips for dealing with a multi-cultural workforce and language barriers
  • Retaliation and whistleblowers — what you can and can't do now
  • Essential steps to take when investigating employee allegations
FLSA Wage and Hour Law Compliance
  • Case Studies: the surprising recent violations with the Department of Labor
  • New changes in wage and hour law to keep you current
  • At last — clear-cut guidelines for classifying every employee as exempt or non-exempt
  • Tips for avoiding costly mistakes in classifying employees
  • The essential step you must take to ensure jobs are classified in a way you can justify
  • Legally approved ways to deal with contract workers, telecommuters, and home-based workers
  • How you must treat "special absences" such as religious holidays
  • When you can — and can't — legally dock pay or otherwise penalize employees
Employment-at-Will, Hiring, Disciplining, and Firing
  • Understanding the Model Employment Termination Act (META)
  • What you must know about "at-will" employment to sidestep legal landmines
  • The single most important thing you can do to avoid wrongful termination suits
  • How handbooks are impacting ability to terminate "at will" in court
  • The most common ways employee handbooks expose you to legal risks
  • Ways to ensure your employees are up to date on handbook and policy changes
  • Essential techniques for following the court-accepted way to document performance and behavior issues
  • The art and purpose of writing behavior expectations into job descriptions
  • Your rights in dealing with acceptable performers with attitude problems — what you can't do
  • Simple steps you can take to make your discipline and termination practices above legal question
  • What you must never do when terminating an employee during probation
Updates on Interviewing, Hiring, and Records Retention
  • A checklist to ensure you interview and hire legally
  • Pre-employment and employment records you must keep — and how long to keep them
  • What to cover, and also what not to mention, in employment contracts and offer letters
  • Legal and illegal pre-employment testing: what you need to know
  • The latest on background, credit, and reference checks that may surprise you
  • Employers' rights with drug testing and substance abuse on the job — legal issues to avoid
Employee Privacy "Hot Spots"
  • What organizations can do to protect employee privacy of information
  • Employee behaviors that impact their health and company insurance rates — what you can and can't mandate
  • Your rights and responsibilities when you know of an employee's medical issue, managed condition, or disease
  • Guidelines for managing employee personal and medical information
  • Employee rights regarding Internet, e-mail, voicemail, and video surveillance
  • What you can monitor legally — and what is strictly out of bounds
  • Immediate steps to follow if an employee says you've invaded his/her privacy
  • How to build technology policies and procedures to use at work and from remote locations
  • The legal way to deal with inappropriate Internet communications, including company bashing and employee gossip
Employment Law
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