Everything You Wanted To Know About Drug And Alcohol Testing But Were Afraid To Ask

About This Course:
Employers committed to maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free workplace are increasingly faced with a myriad of state and federal laws on this topic, many of which are in conflict.

Compliance has become more complicated by the growing trend of legalizing marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) products. How can an employer comply with those laws without their policies going up in smoke? Gain an understanding of legally compliant and defensible drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures and prepare for the unexpected.What You'll Learn:Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures and Policies
  • The How, What, and When of Defensible Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace
  • The Spectrum of Laws That Govern Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace
  • Reasonable Suspicion of Impairment and How to Recognize It
The Legalization of Cannabis
  • What to Do When a Job Candidate Tests Positive for Marijuana in a State Where Marijuana or CBD Is Lawful
  • How to Handle Requests to Accommodate Marijuana (and Other Drugs) Used for Medical Reasons
  • Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace Policy in a Marijuana State
Drug Testing Challenges
  • Example Scenarios - What to Do If...
  • Best Practices for Handling the Unexpected

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