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From Manager To Remarkable Leader Workshop

Seminar: ID# 1003911

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats.

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Pricing: $1,295.00
About This Course:
Become A Great Leader

Are you ready for a life that makes a difference? A life where you are the person you've always wanted to be with more earning potential and better business relationships?

Some people DO have this kind of life. We call them leaders. Leadership is about being able to make a choice that is right for you and then being able to take yourself and others in the direction you want your life to go - in a positive, effective way.

Are you ready to make a choice that is right for you? Take your life in a new direction? Take the first step to unlocking your potential?

Then you may be ready for the Remarkable Leadership workshop - Where you can unlock the potential in you and become a truly remarkable leader - And learn to apply your new skills in today's fast-paced corporate world!

Imagine how your life could be different as a remarkable leader...Would you handle situations, even the awkward ones, with more confidence?

Would you get more done at work and get better results...maybe move up in your company faster?

Could life be more satisfying overall?

You KNOW it would be!

So, what are you waiting for? Your new life as a leader awaits you at Remarkable Leadership, led by the remarkable trainer, coach and consultant Kevin Eikenberry-the man who can unlock the potential in you!

You are full of unrealized potential.

And unlocking that potential is the key to making a bigger difference in this world and accomplishing more with your own life.

Why not tap into your potential faster, more easily, and more successfully by being part of a training camp that can get you started and support your transformation?

Let best-selling author and coach Kevin Eikenberry be your personal guide to developing the leader in you with this phenomenal two-day Remarkable Leadership workshop. Kevin's positive and inspiring guidance gives you the practical and actionable tools that you need to make positive changes in your life - immediately!

But will one workshop really cut it?

We understand that one workshop isn't your single ticket to management excellence and we don't expect you to go back after two days and get it all right, all of the time.

Bottom line-as great as the workshop is, like any training, when you return to work, you will have additional questions, and you might encounter a challenge in applying all you learned.

That's why, with Remarkable Leadership, your registration INCLUDES two live, group coaching sessions! These two sessions give you direct and personal access to Kevin Eikenberry, for one full hour per session, after you return from the workshop, to help you master the strategies and techniques you learn in the workshop.

With group coaching, you'll have access to:
  • Answers to your most pressing questions
  • Advice on your stickiest situations
  • Advice on implementing your ideas and plans more successfully
  • An opportunity to share successes
  • Confirmation that what you are planning to try will work
  • Valuable learning opportunities from the questions & challenges of others in the group
You know your success is about more than luck. The most successful people in the world have three fundamental things in common: They have a proven plan, they have a trusted advisor and they believe in themselves.

Get a plan and gain a trusted coach in Kevin Eikenberry at Remarkable Leadership - one of the fastest and most effective ways to develop the leader in you. Discover the power of believing in yourself as the leader you were born to be.

Become a Remarkable Leader by unleashing the leadership potential that is already within you!What You'll Learn:
  • How do you determine and define strategies for improving the organizational changes you are leading?
  • What are the four communication styles? How can you identify them and use them to communicate effectively?
  • How can you use Kevin's four specific strategies to build relationships more successfully in your own life?
  • How do customer-focused behaviors work? What makes them so effective for building partnerships with customers?
  • What is the importance of personal values to leadership success?
  • Master five practical methods to support the creativity of others around you
  • How can you delegate more effectively and create more accountability on your team?
  • How do you keep moving forward? How to create processes that support ongoing goal achievement
  • Create a follow-up methodology to ensure successful implementation of your plans
From Manager To Remarkable Leader Workshop
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