Harassment Prevention (Employee Version)

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About This Course:
Our award-winning Harassment Prevention training course provides superior subject matter content in conjunction with excellent instructional design and compelling graphics.

The result is highly engaging and dynamic web-based training that both reduces workplace harassment and helps create affirmative defenses.

The burden has shifted to your organization to prove that you have exercised reasonable care to correct any sexually harassing behavior.

Almost everyone would agree that "one shot training" will not be viewed as "reasonable care." It is impractical to repeatedly train the same employees with the same material.

For ongoing training, you should train your employees with material that will reinforce the initial training, but that is not completely identical to the original training.

Course Objectives

This course instructs employees on how to identify potential problems related to discriminatory harassment and to follow the company's discriminatory harassment policy.

AIG has used this course since 2000, and states this course is one of the best online courses they have ever seen!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Sensitize employees about discriminatory harassment in the workplace and their critical role in upholding your discriminatory harassment prevention policy
  • Remind employees that they are responsible for identifying and helping to prevent discriminatory harassment in the work place. Encourages employees to take the initiative to make things better
  • Create a workplace where potential victims of discriminatory harassment can come forward without unlawful retaliation
  • Obligate employees to identify potential problems and follow the discriminatory harassment policy
  • Maintain effective communication emphasizing that an individual's words may be received differently depending on the listener's perspective

How The Course Works:

Eleven scenarios are presented that illustrate a variety of discriminatory harassment themes. These scenarios vividly re-enact situations that every employee could face, not just a re-telling of company policies or the law.

Employees are asked questions in each scenario through a number of office devices such as simulated e-mail and inter-office memos. Correct and incorrect answers are explained. After the employees have completed the course, they are given a short test to reinforce concepts learned, which expands based on the number of incorrect answers.

Bottom line, our harassment training solution can help your organization reduce the amount of discriminatory harassment in the workplace as well as take advantage of the various affirmative defenses that are available in discrimination cases.

It also can help bring your organization into compliance with state laws, such as California's sexual harassment training requirement, AB 1825.

A statement from a high level executive also can be included utilizing digital audio, video technology, text, and/or pictures.

The course also can be tied to any learning management system.

Our Kudos

This course won Human Resource Executive's Top 10 Training Award. The course has been approved by the EEOC and used by the United States Department of Justice.

The course is AB 1825 compliant - that means if complies with California's sexual harassment training requirement.

Please contact us using the link below if you have questions on customizing the course, need discounted pricing for training your entire staff, or have other questions.

This course is also available in a Supervisor's Version

Harassment Prevention (Employee Version)
Price: $40.00
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