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Internal Investigations Certificate Program ™

Seminar: ID# 1278835
Metropolitan Area:
AC Hotel New York Downtown
151 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038
10/14/2024 - 10/16/2024 (8am-4pm)
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Regular: $2,395.00   Early Bird: $2,195.00 (Valid through 9/16/2024)
About This Course:
course-rating Rating: 4.87 - 662 reviews
Get Great Training For Internal Investigations!

When you receive an allegation of workplace harassment or discrimination - or you have received a potential Ethics violation - taking prompt action is your responsibility as an employer. Having the appropriate skills to properly investigate workplace allegations is critical to ensuring employee satisfaction.

Our Internal Investigations training course is a must-attend for individuals responsible for handling employee relations issues and conducting internal investigations. After all, is the time to learn how to do an internal investigation when you are suddenly faced with having to do one? Of course not. That's where our training on the HR investigations process can help!What You'll Learn:

Our intensive, three-day program on the internal investigations process is designed to provide you with a thorough grounding in how to conduct a workplace or internal investigation - and to arm you with the knowledge of how to properly conduct the workplace or internal investigation to minimize legal liability and reduce employee complaints.

This program is packed with practical tools, tips, and techniques to improve your HR investigation process skills - and boost your confidence in handling sensitive and complex employee issues.

Using interactive exercises and drawing on years of practical experience, our trainers will outline a step-by-step internal investigation process that can be applied in all types of investigations, including harassment, theft, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence.

Investigations Training For Understanding The HR Investigation Processinternal investigations training

By attending our Internal Investigations training seminar, you will learn how to properly handle a workplace or internal investigation, including:

  • The legal obligations that require employers to conduct internal investigations
  • How to gather documentary and physical evidence prior to witness interviewing
  • How to establish a chain of custody and a confidential retention process
  • How to prepare and select appropriate questions for witness interviews
  • Tips for documenting investigative findings
  • Best practices in handling disciplinary action and terminations to avoid stepping on legal land mines

What You Receive:

  • Ten information-packed sessions taught by a subject-matter expert on everything from handling Reasonable Accommodations to Intermittent and Reduced-Schedule leaves to Return-To-Work options
  • A 300 page workbook
  • Sample forms for Interviewing Witnesses, Chain of Custody, Documentation, and more
  • Nationwide case citationssample fmla & ada compliance strategy
  • Case studies based on real court cases
  • Practical Tips, Best Practices, and Administrative Recommendations
  • Interactive Exercises: In addition to learning the applicable laws and requirements, you will benefit from several interactive exercises that allow you to practice what you learn! These include how to:
    • Evaluate a general complaint to determine if an investigation is needed
    • Review a complaint of retaliation
    • Interview a complainant
    • Deal with organizational politics
    • Manage witnesses who are reluctant to participate in an investigation
    • Handle investigations into allegations of FMLA abuse and sexual harassment
  • 18 HRCI and SHRM re-certification credits!
  • Easy Access: Training available in both in-person and video conference formats
  • A ready for framing training certificate!
And as a special bonus, you also receive access to our online Internal Investigation Training & Certification Program! Not only does this program include numerous administrative tips and procedural recommendations for keeping in compliance, you also receive FREE updates whenever the law changes, plus the ability to earn a Certified Administrator designation.

Special Pricing

An "Early Bird" discount is offered for registrations made 30 days prior to the seminar date, so register today!

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What Customers Are Saying

Couldn't have asked for a better experience. From the customer service to the trainer and the presentation, it was a 10/10 for sure.
~ Andrea Mikina

This was one of the best trainings I have every attended in my career. Ms. Ivey was very knowledgeable on the subject and really made the training fun and interesting. Awesome class!
~ nicole ganter

Kara was an amazing instructor! I gained so much from the course and would recommend it to any HR professional.
~ Victoria Nix

Awesome course and materials along with a wonderful instructor. Would highly recommend the instructor and course to any colleague.
~ Lauren Witherspoon

The seminar gave more than what was expected. It covered the process from start to finish, with reasoning for each step.
~ Roslyn Sutton
Internal Investigations Certificate Program ™
Metropolitan Area:
AC Hotel New York Downtown
151 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038
10/14/2024 - 10/16/2024 (8am-4pm)
Special Pricing:
Regular: $2,395.00   Early Bird: $2,195.00 (Valid through 9/16/2024)
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