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Job Descriptions And Job Description Requirements

Guidance For Good Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are put in place to help employees understand their roles and responsibilities.

Well-written job descriptions clearly explain what a person in a given position does, what are the functions performed, the performance expectations, responsibilities, and applicable working conditions.

What Are The Benefits Of A Job Description?

A good job description helps current and prospective employees understand what is expected of them. A job description also can assist in the job application process as it can help applicants (and employers!) to determine whether they have the skills to do the posted job. It also helps employers:
  • Clarify job and performance expectations
  • Help attract new employees
  • Provide an objective way to measure job performance and performance reviews
  • Create pay scales
  • Can be used as reference tool for disciplinary issues
What Should Be Included In A Job Description? What Are The Basic Job Description Requirements?

Do you know what goes into how to write a job description?

You should, as a good job description can help attract potential employees and remove any potential performance problems where workers are asked to do work for which they are, and never were, qualified to do. To make sure you have good job descriptions, make sure they cover:
    job description samples
  • Title of the position
  • Overall responsibility
  • Key areas of responsibility
  • The necessary skills and experience required for the job
  • To whom the person directly reports
  • Those who the person works with on a regular basis
  • Term of employment

Options For Writing Your Job Descrptions

Whether you need a Human Resources job description, job description samples, or a job description template for other jobs, we can help. We offer both job description templates and training courses for how to write a job description. See specifics below.

Option 1: Use Sample Job Description Templates To Learn How To Write A Job Description

HR Training Center offers several job description templates that will help you to quickly, correctly, and cost-effectively create Job Descriptions for your organization.

Listed below are some of our most-popular job description products. Either select one of the recommended courses or select "Job Descriptions/Employee Handbooks" from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below.

Option 2: Have An Expert Write Job Descriptions For You

Not sure of your job description requirements? Don't have the time or expertise to write your own Job Descriptions? Simply have one of our experts write them for you. You'll get great Job Descriptions that are professionally written and will help keep you in compliance. For questions or details on this service, go to

Find Job Description Samples, Job Description Templates, And Training For How To Write A Job Description

To find job description samples, templates, or training courses for you job descriptions, either select one of the recommended courses or select "Job Descriptions/Employee Handbooks" from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below.

Top FAQs

An Employee Handbook provides information on an organization's mission, goas, objectives, vision, values, policies, procedures, and workplace code of conduct.
An employee handbook should contain information about company policies, legal requirements for the company and employees such as applicable state and federal laws.
Job Descriptions help employees understand their roles and responsibilities. It generally is a written document that lists the responsibilities and skills required to perform a specific job.
Both provide clarity on what is needed and expected of employees. It also can be helpful in recruiting job candidates.
They need to be updated regularly as laws change, job requirements evolve, or are not specific enough. Another disadvantage is that they sometimes are used against an employer in a lawsuite.
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More About Job Descriptions

The Problem With Job Descriptions & Job Description Templates: How To Write A Job Description

Unfortunately, HR job descriptions often are the first document looked at in internal or legal disputes or during a regulatory agency's inquiry.

Make sure your HR job descriptions are not a lawsuit waiting to happen! We offer sample Job Description templates that teach:
  • Why job descriptions are critical in today's work placesjob description samples
  • Key elements to include in every job description
  • Specific language to include and what avoid
  • When and how to review your current job descriptions
  • Considerations for job descriptions for ADA , ADAAA, FMLA, and FLSA purposes
  • Why borrowing job descriptions is an instant route to confusion, misunderstandings, and legal problems
  • An easy, operationally sound, yet legally helpful system to prepare a job analysis of responsibilities, duties, and expectations
  • Red flags that invite regulatory problems and lawsuits
  • Common mistakes in job descriptions that come back to haunt the employer

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