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Management & Leadership Skills For New Managers And Supervisors (2-Day) Agenda

Seminar: ID# 1003777

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats.

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Day 1

How To Avoid "Beginner's Blunders"
  • How to manage the mountain of information coming at you from every direction
  • Tips on supervising people who are still your friends, but were your equals
  • How to deal with the legacy left by your predecessor, whether you're walking in the shadow of a saint or a tyrant
  • Diplomatic ways to gather intelligence about your work group
  • How to establish a good working relationship with your own supervisor
  • What you can do to minimize surprises
How Good Are Your Leadership Skills?
  • "Bureaucracy basher," "expediter," and 6 other hats you'll wear
  • Specific ways to strive for and achieve personal excellence as a leader
  • What are your own goals? How to clarify your personal "vision and mission"
  • Are you a leader or a manager? 4 unique qualities that distinguish one from the other

Your Role As A "Change Agent"

  • How to ensure your team understands - and accepts - any top-down directive
  • Ways to help others be proactive about change — so they feel more ownership and less like "victims" of change
  • How to link lofty corporate goals to the people who do the actual work
Day 2

How To Hire, Train, And Develop A Top-Notch Staff
  • How to come up with a list of qualities that defines your "ideal" candidate
  • The kind of questions to ask in an interview — and answers to look for
  • Common delegation traps every new manager must avoid
  • Tips on matching the person to the job
  • Ways to monitor delegated work without coming across as a meddler
Mastering The Art Of Motivation
  • Goal-setting tips: how to set targets people believe in and will work toward
  • How to use appraisals to reward success, correct subpar performance, and re-energize efforts
  • The 5 elements of effective discipline: ways to use corrective measures without destroying the willingness to change
  • How to deal with reprimands, warnings, and dismissals
How To Say What You Mean - And Mean What You Say
  • The best ways to project authority without being overbearing
  • What are you secretly saying? How to recognize the "red flags" of body language
  • Quick tips on becoming a better listener
The Power Of A Positive Attitude
  • How attitude affects team performance — assessing your group's present outlook
  • What to do when negativity creeps into your group or into your own thinking
  • Where attitudes come from, what feeds them, and how to control their impact
Management & Leadership Skills For New Managers And Supervisors (2-Day)
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