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PHR / SPHR Certification And Exam Prep Training

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About PHR And SPHR Certification And Our Exam Prep Training Courses

When it comes to advancing your career in human resources, there are few more widely recognized credentials than the PHR and SPHR certifications. Awarded by the HR Certification Institute, PHR or SPHR certification seems to open many doors for advancement that would otherwise be closed.

Generally speaking, their courses focus on:Essentially, you take their courses to earn a certification, then have to take re-certification courses to maintain your certification.

What Is PHR or SPHR Certification?

PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification is a widely accepted way to establish yourself in the field. PHR certification requirements include a master's degree and at least one year of experience in a professional HR position; a bachelor's degree and two years of experience; or a high school diploma and at least four years of experience. At that point, you can register to take a three-hour exam covering topics such as business management and strategy, planning and employment, HR development, compensation and benefits, risk management, and labor relations.

SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certification shows the recipient's ability to make strategic decisions and create policy for organizations, rather than managing the day-to-day tasks associated with HR in the U.S. SPHR certification requirements include a master’s degree and at least four levels of professional HR experience; a bachelor’s degree and five years of experience; or a high school diploma and at least seven years of experience. The three-hour exam covers many of the same topics as the PHR certification exam, with a heavier emphasis on business management and strategy, and HR development.

The aPHR certification is designed for professionals who are just beginning their HR career. It provides professional instruction covering HR Operations, Recruitment, Compensation, Benefits, and Employee Relations.

PHR / SPHR Certification Requirements

To earn your PHR or SPHR certification, you must take specific courses directly through SHRM, then you must pass the PHR or SPHR certification exam (Don't worry, even though the pass rate typically is only 60%, TrainingCenter offers several pre-study courses to help you prepare to pass your the PHR or SPHR certification exam the first time). To keep your certification, you must recertify as explained below.

What Is HRCI Re-Certification?

After passing an HRCI certification exam and earning your HRCI certification, you are required to renew your certification every three years (called "HRCI re-certification"). Essentially, you need to earn 60 HRCI / PHR / SPHR Re-Certification credits to maintain your certification.

You can earn your SPHR and PHR re-certification credits by completing professional development activities or by demonstrating professional achievement. For instance, you can earn HRCI re-certification credits by attending seminars, webinars, and online courses from approved HRCI re-certification provider.

You can even earn re-certification credits for professional achievements such as implementing a new program at work, serving as a volunteer HR expert, conducting original HR-related research or maintaining an HR membership. If you wish to do so, you may also choose to retake your HRCI certification exam to recertify.PHR/SPHR Exam Review Workshop

PHR/SPHR Exam Prep Programs

With a 55% pass rate, the HRCI certification exam is not easy to pass. The most successful PHR and SPHR test takers typically rely on preparatory certification classes that review relevant materials for maximum success.

Our PHR and SPHR certification and exam prep classes help students review areas of their HR expertise that may be rusty while focusing on the business strategy and HR development areas that are so important to the SPHR certification test. Though an Exam Prep class is not required to take the exam, we strongly suggest that you take the PHR/SPHR exam prep programs listed below.

Find PHR / SPHR Re-Certification Credits

TrainingCenter offers many courses that provide HRCI credits for PHR / SPHR Re-Certification. You can earn your PHR / SPHR re-certification by taking any number of seminars, webinars, or online courses by either selecting from the 'Recommended Courses' below or by using the search box at the bottom of this page. The number of PHR / SPHR re-certification credits appears directly on the course description page.

Specifically, almost all of our webinars and audio conferences are approved for 1.5 hours of PHR/SPHR Re-Certification Credits. To find webinars that proved PHR or SPHR re-certification credits, either go to our HR Events Calendar or select "HRCI or SHRM Re-Certification" from the search box below. You also can find these courses indirectly whenever you search for training (the HRCI symbol and the number of credits appear on the course description page for any course offering HRCI credits).

Your search will return a number of training courses. To see details on a course, including the number of PHR/SPHR re-certification credits earned by taking that course, simply click on the course title.

Best-Selling Training Courses:

Instructor-Led: Virtual/In-Person Seminars
Online Training Courses
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About Our HRCI And SHRM Re-Certification Seminars And Webinars

SHRM and HRCI certificants are required to renew their certification every three years, and do so, for instance, by taking re-certification credit seminars and webinars from approved providers.

HRTrainingCenter offers multiple re-certification seminars and webinars from approved providers such as, BLR, Lorman,, and Fred Pryor.

For more information about certification or re-certification, please visit the HR Certification Institute website at The use of this seal is not an endorsement by HRCI of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met HRCI's criteria to be pre-approved for re-certification credits.

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