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About Institute for Applied Management & Law
Founded in 1979, the Institute for Applied Management & Law, Inc. (IAML) is the nation's leading producer of comprehensive employment law seminars.

IAML offers practically-oriented seminars, webinars, DVDs and online learning for professionals requiring timely and accurate information in employment law; labor law, employee benefits law; and human resource management.

Available Classroom Courses
Advanced Certificate In Employee Benefits Law Seminar
Dates through 9/24/2018

Learn Even More With The Advanced Employee Benefits Law Seminar Master The Highly-Complex Benefits Challenges You Face On A Daily Basis This seminar explores the benefits challenges you face - and provides techniques for managing and solving the problems, liabilities, and contradictions they can pose.
Advanced Certificate In Employment Law Conference
Dates through 10/29/2018

Learn Even More In The Advanced Employment Law Conference The Advanced Certificate in Employment Law Conferences have enjoyed an extraordinary reputation for delivering value. Participants rave about the "all star" faculty, up-to-the-minute current information, and the collegial atmosphere. These conferences are the perfect opportunity to "hear the latest from the brightest".
Certificate In Employee Benefits Law Seminar
Dates through 10/22/2018

The Certificate in Employee Benefits Law provides state-of-the-art best practices for employee benefits professionals. Current, practically-oriented and detailed information with outstanding faculty and extensive materials. Indispensable training for the benefits professional.
Certificate In Employee Relations Law Seminar
Dates through 11/5/2018

Get Updated On Employment Law Certificate In Employee Relations Law SeminarThe Certificate in Employee Relations Law seminar provides the most comprehensive, practical, and up-to-date employment law training available.
Certificate In Essentials Of Human Resource Management Seminar
Dates through 10/22/2018

Earn Your Certificate In Essentials Of HR Management Attend this seminar and you will: 1) improve your on-the-job performance and skills...immediately; 2) increase your confidence in dealing with complex workplace issues; and 3) increase your value to your organization.

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