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Workmans Comp Training

Workmans Comp Training Courses

Searching for Workmans Comp training? Looking for help understanding Workmans Comp law? Help in managing and reducing your Workmans Comp claims? Then you've come to the right place!

Benefits Of Taking A Workmans Comp Training Course

When an employee is injured at work, Workmans Comp benefits are available to cover lost wages and medical costs related to the injury. Whether those benefits spiral out of control or are properly managed depends on you - the Workmans Comp manager.

Take our Workmans Comp training courses to learn successful strategies for tracking, monitoring, and managing your Workmans Comp claims. You'll not only learn the basics of Workmans Comp law, management, and administration, but learn specifics on what needs managing, including:workers compensation training course
  • How Workmans Comp works
  • What you need to track, when you need to track it, and why
  • Why what you do - or don't do - with your claims makes a huge difference to the claim outcome and your bottom line costs
  • Why you need to train your employees and managers on Workmans Comp
  • When injuries are - and are not - compensable under Workmans Comp law
  • Why you never deny a claim - and what you need to do if the claim is not compensable
  • Why you need a relationship with your Workmans Comp carrier
  • The types of injuries that are "high-risk" - and why you need to be focused on them
  • What policies I need to have in place to support the program
  • Strategies to help you stay in control of your program

Find Workmans Comp Law And Compliance Training offers a variety of Workmans Comp courses for you and your employees. We offer online Workmans Comp training, in-person workers comp seminars or workshops, and educational Workmans Comp webcasts. You can also select basic or advanced level training.

Listed below are some of our most-popular Workmans Comp training courses and resources, including a state-specific Workers Comp training course. Either select one of these recommended courses, or select "Workers Comp" from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below.
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