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Training For New Managers And Supervisors

The Importance Of Training For New Managers And Supervisors

Are you a new manager or supervisor? If so, congratulations! But also consider this fact - according to a recent study, 40% of new managers and supervisors fail within the first 18 months, and one of the major reasons they fail is that they are not given adequate training.

Don't become a statistic. Get started right by enrolling in some new manager training courses!

Why Take New Manager Or New Supervisor Training Courses?

Managers need to possess a broad range of skills. In addition to understanding the jobs of those who work below them, managers and supervisors must communicate with others effectively, evaluate worker performance, and take action to improve a workplace's overall productivity. For most people, though, communication and management skills like coaching, critiquing, resolving conflicts, running meetings, and doing performance reviews do not come naturally - they must be developed.

You could try to learn management skills on your own, but professional development becomes easier when you have knowledgeable professionals available to guide you. Why should you trust your career to trial and error when you can take a number of proven new manager and supervisor training courses to get you up to speed quicker and more efficiently? At, you can find new manager training courses to help you develop all the leadership and Human Resources (HR) skills your latest position requires.

Find HR Training For New Managers And Supervisors offers a variety of new manager and supervisor training courses and seminars, including in-person, online, and leader-led new manager training courses. Whether you need training for yourself or a newly promoted employee, our new manager training courses will ensure a smooth transition to leadership. Our courses range in length from several hours to several days, and we deliver instruction in multiple modalities, so you can choose the training that's right for you and your organization.

Online Or In-Person Options For New Manager Training

At, we understand that new managers are busy individuals with multiple demands on their time. That's why we offer on-location seminars as well as online training for managers and supervisors. Our in-person courses take place on set dates in cities across the United States, while our online courses offer the same content through a video conference or OnDemand formats.

By offering both online and in-person HR training for new managers, we allow you to choose the style of learning you prefer. When you select an in-person course, you can interact with the instructor and other attendees in an energetic, motivated environment. An online course, on the other hand, allows you to complete training within your regular workday without taking up time outside the office.

In addition to in-person and online seminars, we also provide HR webinars on management topics. You can watch these webinars live or view them on demand at any time that's convenient for you and your team.

Courses Covering A Variety of Management Subjects

After becoming a manager, you will face different challenges and rewards in the workplace. Our training courses cover the fundamentals of management and more specialized topics. As a result, our HR training can prove useful for both new managers and experienced supervisors.

Some of the topics you can expect to learn about when you take our new manager training courses include:Regardless of the topic, most of our courses give you opportunities to ask questions and engage with examples, which can help you process the material and approach your new leadership position with confidence.

Get Started With Today

At, we have worked with thousands of companies to deliver training for managers, supervisors, and HR professionals - from large, well-known corporations to small businesses with just a few employees. Our courses present essential content in an engaging manner.

If you're ready to take the next step toward a successful management career, contact us for more information or enroll in a new manager training course. Either select one of the recommended courses below or select "Management" and your state from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below.
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