2019 HR Training Webinars

Listed below is our 2019 HR webinar calendar. Most titles are available via live, CD, and On-Demand formats, and almost all offer SHRM and HRCI credits. Simply click a title for more details.
Today's Featured Webinars
Best Practices For HR And Electronic Records
Learn How To Write And Implement Effective Electronic & HR Policies And Procedures

This webinar reviews the HR and electronic risks facing employers - and provides strategies for the creation and implementation of best practices-based policies and procedures to help reduce the likelihood of workplace and online disasters.
Available Versions:
Live on: 3/26/2019. Also available via CD, On-Demand
Successful Strategies For Running An 'HR Department Of One'
A one-person HR shop is all things to all employees and managers, so they need to know a lot about a lot and they also need to know when to stop and seek advice. This audio conference will assist the one person HR department in making a plan to prioritize the operational, compliance, and people needs of the business.
Available Versions:
Live on: 3/28/2019. Also available via CD, On-Demand
EEO Compliance And Workplace Harassment Prevention
This session focuses on key risk management and harassment prevention needs of your organization, including what managers, supervisors, and HR professionals at all levels need to know in order to be able to prevent, recognize, and effectively deal with harassment in the workplace.
Available Versions:
Live on: 3/28/2019. Also available via CD, On-Demand
Toxic Personalities At Work: How To Confront And Manage Effectively
Learn how to manage employees with toxic personalities and pointers on warning signs to watch for so you don’t hire them in the first place.
Hazard Communication: Successful Strategies To Avoid One Of The Most Commonly Cited OSHA Violations
Learn hazard communication compliance pitfalls to avoid so you can maintain a safe workplace and minimize the risk of being penalized for one of the most commonly cited violations.
OSHA Injury & Illness Recordkeeping: Understanding OSHA’s Requirements For First Aid And Medical Treatment On 300 Forms
Learn how to properly record workplace injuries and illnesses in compliance with OSHA’s Recordkeeping Rule to avoid fines.
OSHA Responsibilities Of The HR Professional
This webinar goes over the long-standing OSHA requirements, the most recent OSHA regulatory changes, and the most frequently cited violations for FY17 (in other words, the areas where most problems occur so you can fix them before they happen at your organization!).
Disability Discrimination And The Interactive Process
In this informative audio conference, you will learn how to manage these competing interests, learn a step-by-step approach to responding to employees' requests for work place accommodations without compromising work standards.
How To Make Your Handbook Compliant In All States: A Guide For Multi-State Employers
If you’re a multi-state employer, make sure your employee handbook complies with multiple state’s laws and learn how to draft a multi-state handbook that lowers legal risk for your company.
Correct Reporting And Tax Treatment Of Fringe Benefits
Make sure you are in full compliance when reporting your company’s fringe benefits.
Payroll Reconciliation And Reporting
In this audio conference, you will learn payroll reconciliation and reporting tips that will help you - and the rest of your company - sleep better knowing both your workers and the government are happy with payroll.
IRS Rules For International, Inpat, And Expat Payroll
Learn how to properly pay employees in foreign jurisdictions, how to run a shadow payroll in the United States, and how to work with a third party provider who may be performing the tax equalization for these workers.
8 Steps to Improve Cross-Selling
Learn how to boost morale among the troops so they can boost service delivery and cross-selling!
FMLA Self-Audits: Find And Fix Your Leave Practice Problems Before The Feds Do
Learn how to conduct a thorough self-audit of your company’s FMLA administration practices to avoid liability in the event of a DOL investigation.
Temporary Worker Safety 101: Essential Strategies For Host Employers And Staffing Agencies
Learn now to ensure that your safety program is compliant concerning all workers—including temporary staff.
How To Handle Travel Pay Legally
Do you know when to compensate employees for travel time? Make sure you’re compensating correctly and staying in compliance with federal laws.
Why Do Managers Give HR A Hard Time? How To Improve Your Relationship With Managers, Improve Cooperation, And Minimize Conflict
There are many factors that contribute to why managers don't "get it", and in this training session we'll discuss some of the root causes, as well as ways to proactively address the issue.
Brand New to HR? Identify The Critical Components Of HR You Need To Know Right Now
To help those either new to HR or working in HR with little training, we've developed this 90-minute training session where you can learn HR basics from an HR professional with nearly 25 years in leadership and HR management.
Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance: Today, Tomorrow And Beyond
Gain a better understanding of the Medicare Secondary Payer compliance requirements.
Drafting And Updating Job Descriptions: Why You Need Them, What To Include, And What To Leave Out
Learn how to avoid legal missteps by reviewing and updating your job descriptions.
ADA vs. Safety: How To Ensure that Your Safety Policy Doesn’t Undermine Obligations To Make Disability Accommodations
Learn how to develop a safety plan that is OSHA- and ADA-compliant, comprehensive, and cost-effective.
Onboarding: How To Effectively Integrate New Employees Beyond A One-Day Orientation For Better Engagement And Retention
Learn how to effectively onboard new hires, define their goals, and boost retention.
Payroll Tax Update
Gain a better understanding of the most pressing payroll tax issues you may face this year.
How To Conduct Employee Relations Investigations
Most HR professionals have never had formal training in how to conduct investigations; yet, when the time comes to handle an employee issue…who do they call?? HR. Act now to learn the basics of how to gather a statement of complaint, identify witnesses, gather evidence, and conduct witness interviews that get to the truth.
How To Identify And Investigate FMLA Abuse
This course will teach you strategies for identifying and handling potential FMLA abuse, how to effectively document FMLA to confront abusers, and how effective steps in how to manage FMLA abuse investigations.
Confined Space Training: What Entrants, Attendants, Entry Supervisors, And Rescue Personnel Need To Know To Keep Workers Safe
Develop an effective and compliant training program for your general industry confined space entrants, attendants, entry supervisors, and rescue personnel and adopt essential management strategies.
Accommodating Anxiety, Workplace Stress And PTSD Under The ADA
Learn how to properly respond to accommodation requests for anxiety, workplace stress, and PTSD under the ADA.
Federal Income Taxation Of Employee Fringe Benefits After The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act
The tax implications of fringe benefits have changed significantly under the new tax law – make sure you understand the changes in determining your fringe benefit policies.

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What Is A Webinar?

A webinar is a training session conducted over the Internet. Typically, a webinar lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, and focuses on a specific topic.

What Is The Difference Between A Webinar And An Audio Conference?

The content is the same, but the way you view the content is somewhat different. With a webinar, you typically view the content on your computer screen and listen to the Presenter on your speakers or phone. With an audio conference you listen to the Presenter via phone, but can download, print, and view the content at your desk. The benefit of the latter is that you can take notes - and keep - your printouts with you.

What Are The Training Formats For An HR Webinar Of Audio Conference?

Our webinars and audio conferences are available in three formats:
  • Live
    You attend a Live version on a specific date and time, and ask questions in real time. And since the price is per phone line, you can have multiple people attend for one price.
  • CD
    The CD version is a recording of the Live event. Though you do lose the ability to ask questions, you benefit from being able to replay the training session multiple times or lend it out to your co-workers or direct reports.
  • On-Demand
    The On-Demand format is a recorded version of the live event that you download.
Do Your HR Webinars And Audio Conferences Carry ReCertification Credits?

Yes, we offer recertification credits! We typically offer 1.5 recertification credits on our webinars and audio conferences for the following accredidations:
  • PHR ReCertification Creditshrci-re-certification-credits
  • SPHR ReCertification Credits
  • HRCI ReCertification Credits
  • SHRM ReCertification Creditsshrm-re-certification-credits
  • SHRM CPSM ReCertification Credits
  • SHRM SCPSM ReCertification Credits
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