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Conflict Confidence

Format: In-Person Seminar
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As much as you'd like to avoid conflict, you can't (or shouldn't)...because when left unresolved, conflict will:

  • Promote distrust and destroy morale.

  • Lower your team's (and your) productivity.

  • Waste valuable time and energy.

  • Lead to employee turnover.

Unresolved Conflict Is Wasting Two Days of Your Time (EVERY Week)

That's right. The average manager spends 35% of his/her time dealing with workplace conflicts (yep, that's two days per week). And there isn't a manager around who won't be faced with a conflict situation at some time. Whether it's a difficult conversation with a poor-performing employee...or mediation between two clashing personalities on the team...or gossip, back-biting and office politics – conflict is a certainty.

And workplace conflict that is handled ineffectively is toxic. It promotes distrust, destroys morale and hurts productivity. Conflicting opinions can turn into personal dislike; teams break down and talent is wasted as people become disengaged.

Your ability to handle difficult conversations and defuse conflict situations will absolutely determine your success as a leader.

But maybe you don't feel confident in your skills? Maybe you've been avoiding conflict simply because you don't feel adequately equipped to address it? Maybe you're simply not confident?

The good news is that you are not alone. You can learn both the skills and the mindset to have true confidence in your ability to handle every challenging conversation and conflict that comes your way!

Don't Just Manage Conflict, Find Solutions to RESOLVE It

Conflict Confidence isn't just another conflict management training course. While conflict management focuses on controlling, handling and mitigating the potential damage of an open conflict, resolution focuses on the deep-rooted causes for prevention. Because while you may be continuously moving towards resolution, until you know the strategies to overcome, eliminate and prevent conflict, you will never truly be free of it.

Developed by Guy Harris, a Certified Human Behavior Specialist and Master Trainer, Conflict Confidence starts by focusing on what conflict is – diagnosing each type of conflict, so you can better choose the right resolution strategy for the situation.

In 2 days, you'll learn how to recognize the causes of interpersonal conflict and become aware of (and avoid) triggers that create explosive situations. You'll learn practical strategies that promote assertive communication and help move you swiftly to conflict resolution, ultimately increasing your success both personally and professionally.

When you attend the Conflict Confidence workshop, you will learn priceless conflict resolution skills that will help you to enjoy a calmer, more relaxed atmosphere where people get along and get things done!

You'll learn:

  • How to identify and overcome your personal barriers to successful conflict resolution.

  • What triggers and escalates conflicts.

  • What you can do to safely de-escalate conflicts.

  • How Conflict styles affect the course of conflict and strategies for using your conflict style for maximum impact

  • The power (and danger) of assumptions

  • Practical strategies and techniques to resolve conflicts.

  • How to keep your cool when the conversation gets hot.

  • The role of emotions in conflict and how you can use that knowledge to get to resolution

  • Six communication principles to make your messages more powerful and persuasive

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Conflict Resolution

  • Tips and techniques to build your conflict confidence.

No One Can Avoid Difficult Conversations Forever

It's true – every manager will be faced with a conflict situation at some time or another. And many who aren't confident in their ability to successfully handle these conversations will avoid them. When you master the strategies that he'll teach in the workshop, you'll stop avoiding and blowing up during conflict situations and start tackling these challenging conversations assertively and confidently. You'll gain cooperation from others, improve your relationships (at work and at home) and enjoy less stress and more success!

We'll Guarantee Your Success by Extending Your Learning beyond the Workshop

We understand that one workshop isn't your single ticket to communication excellence and we don't expect you to go back after two days and get it all right, all of the time.

Bottom line - as great as the workshop is, like any training, when you return to work, you will have additional questions, and you might encounter a challenge in applying all you learned.

That's why your registration includes two live, group coaching sessions to help you master the strategies and techniques you learn in the workshop. These post-workshop sessions are delivered over the phone and give you direct and personal access to Guy Harris, creator and master facilitator of the workshop, for one full hour per session.

With group coaching, you'll have access to:

  • Answers to your most pressing questions.

  • Advice on your stickiest situations.

  • Advice on implementing your ideas and plans more successfully.

  • An opportunity to share successes.

  • Confirmation that what you are planning to try will work.

  • Valuable learning opportunities from the questions & challenges of others in the group.

And here's our guarantee. We believe our work isn't done until you are completely satisfied with the results you have received from our training. When you choose to learn with us, if, for any reason you aren't 100% delighted with the workshop, we will refund your entire registration fee. No questions asked. Guaranteed.

Your ability to resolve conflict, handle difficult conversations and work through disagreements will set the tone for success (or not) in your career. So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your seat right now.

About The Provider: The Kevin Eikenberry Group is a leadership and learning consulting company and a world leader in equipping leaders to reach their full potential and productivity.

We provide speaking, training, consulting, and coaching services to organizations who believe in investing in their most valuable assets – their people.

Our team of speakers, trainers, consultants and coaches are lead by our founder, Kevin Eikenberry - and all have been hand selected and certified in our processes by Kevin himself.
Price: $795.00
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