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About Our Payroll Training & Certification Program

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About Our Certified Payroll Administrator Training Course

Preview: Excerpts, Screen Shots, And Agenda

This page provides an inside look at the style, content, and Agenda of our Payroll training course.

Below, we've included a couple of content excerpts as well as some screen captures that follow Instructional Design Guidelines by showing lesson goals, training of those goals, then testing against what is taught.

You'll notice that we provide both the answers and the answer rationale for each of our knowledge check questions, which is a great way to help ensure learning.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have questions or need assistance ordering!


Below are a couple of samples from our Certified Payroll Administrator course. These excerpts provide a quick overview of payroll requirements that someone new to payroll might not have even heard of; instructions for completing the forms, dates for submission, making changes or correcting errors, etc. are included in the course itself.

Program Demo: How The Payroll Training & Certification Program Works

Our Payroll Training & Certification Program includes training that meets instructional design requirements. Namely, each Lesson starts with a Lesson Goals page that outlines the key items that will be taught in that Lesson, followed by multiple pages of training, and concluding with End Of Lesson Quizzes that test against the lesson goals. Read futher for visuals and further explanations.

Lesson Goals

Each self-paced Training & Certification Program is delivered right to your desktop at the time you choose, and is loaded with information, examples, administrative tips, and interactive questions to help you understand and comply with Federally-mandated rules and regulations. You'll learn proactive design and administrative options, as well as key compliance processes and procedures to help reduce costs and health care claims, staring with a Lesson Goals page that tells you what you'll learn in that lesson.

Payroll training

Benefit From Great Content, Easy To Use Navigation

Each of our Training & Certification Programs includes great training content, written in non-legal terms and supported with numerous tips, examples, and procedural recommendations. "Glossary" and "Help" buttons also are included, as well as a special "Bookmark" feature so you can save your place as needed.

Payroll training

End Of Lesson Quiz

Lesson goals and learned content are tested through interactive questions during and at the end of each lesson. Answers to each question are provided right on that page to give you immediate feedback.

Payroll training

Payroll Certification Seal
And don't forget: upon completion of the Training portion of your Program, you can test for "Certification". Certification helps provide confidence to Managers that the person handling Payroll has a good understanding of the complex requirements necessary for proper compliance.


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