Basics Of Office Ergonomics

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About This Course:
Corporations spend over $150 billion in work-related injuries every year. Much of these costs can be avoided by teaching employees the basics of Office Ergonomics.

The benefits of Ergonomics are many. For instance, through an Office Ergonomics program it is proven that your organization can increase employee comfort and productivity, prevent injuries before they happen, and reduce absenteeism.

In this easy-to-understand training session, we will cover "Ergonomic Basics" so that you can learn how to proactively change your employee's workstation - without breaking the bank!

What You'll Learn:

By attending this session , you will learn the fundamentals of ergonomics every executive needs to know to change their own workstation and help employees change theirs, including:

  • Cost-effective solutions to office ergonomics problems
  • Keyboard and mouse techniques and positioning
  • Proper positioning/placement for monitor height and distance, chair adjustment, foot position, proper posture, etc.
  • How to identify ergonomic risk factors of your own workstation (and others)
  • How to save time with self-assessments and online training

And because this session is an interactive audio conference, you can ask questions to the presenter and discuss any issues that might come up. We'll make sure to leave plenty of time to cover your specific ergonomic challenges, including what has and hasn't worked for you in the past.

Basics Of Office Ergonomics
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