Boot Camp For Supervising Generation Y

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About This Course:
Do you ever find yourself struggling to deal with tech-savvy Generation Y employees with the laid back attitudes and a multitasking approach to life and work? Are you frustrated trying to manage employees who were raised in decades of almost unbroken prosperity? Do you think some are unrealistic in their appeared indifference to climb the corporate ladder?

Although many Gen Y employees are confident, well-educated, self-sufficient, and socially/politically aware, they work - and respond - very differently than workers of years past. Regardless, the key to maximizing productivity, profitability, and a great work environment lies in the manager's ability to work with each employee. And you will learn these skills in this training session.

Learning Objectives:

In this audio conference, you will learn how to inspire and engage your Gen Y employees. Highlights of this presentation, led by senior HR professional, Carol Hacker, will help you confidently supervise and motivate Generation Y, including how to:
  • Get them out of their comfort zones and explain what needs to be done - and entrust them with the responsibility to do it
  • Provide access to ongoing development, coaching, and feedback, as they tend to see work through the lens of learning opportunities
  • Assist them with social cues. Guide them in etiquette and protocol, especially when speaking with older adults
  • Focus on the individual and avoid using blanket labels to describe Gen Y
  • Welcome them into the team and promote social cohesion when orienting young staff into the workplace
  • Provide meaningful incentives to keep them engaged
  • Offer mobility, as they will always be on the lookout for promotional and learning opportunities
  • Encourage managers to turn to Gen Y for assistance in online collaboration and teambuilding as the digital workplace grows
Boot Camp For Supervising Generation Y
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