Developing HR's Credibility To Influence Meaningful Change

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About This Course:
For most managers, their perception of HR is an administration function: handling payroll, processing benefits, and serving as a "necessary evil" in organizations because of changing laws.

If your HR group has this "perception problem" in your company, you need to learn how to improve your relationship-building skills to get better cooperation - and respect.

In this informative audio conference, you'll learn the root causes that contribute to HR's poor reputation, how to improve it, and steps you need to take to improve your company's "HR-IQ".

What You'll Learn:

By attending this 90-minute audio conference, you will learn:

  • How the HR profession - and its perception in organizations - has changed
  • The root causes to HR's "necessary evil" reputation
  • How to tackle the root causes and gain support from senior leadership
  • How to build a relationship with Ops by showing the need for balance between Driving Results and Managing Risk
  • How to implement an effective leadership development program to improve Ops "HR-IQ"
  • How to improve your own personal brand image as an HR professional to earn respect within the organization
Developing HR's Credibility To Influence Meaningful Change
or via On-Demand
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