Disability Discrimination And The Interactive Process

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About This Course:
Under the ADA, an employer's failure to manage the interactive process can lead to disability discrimination claims.

The Act is increasingly complex, and it has made it difficult for employers to manage this area. For example, managers are constantly struggling with trying to manage good performance with employees who are challenged with physical and mental limitations.

Making it more difficult are federal mandates that require employers to make efforts to accommodate employees' disabilities - but how far must an employer go without compromising quality of performance?

In this informative audio conference, you will learn how to manage these competing interests and learn a step-by-step approach to responding to employees' requests for work place accommodations without compromising work standards.

What You'll Learn:
  • The definition of a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • When is a condition not a disability
  • What to do when the employee does not mention she or he has a disability even though you see clear performance problems related to physical and/or mental limitations
  • How to approach an employee with a suspected disability without being accused of harassment or risk being sued for disability discrimination
  • What to do when you want to discipline and employee who mentions that the work problems are related to a disability
  • How to conduct an interactive meeting with the employee without giving in to the employee's demands
  • How to comply with the law's requirements in accommodating an employee
  • When can you stop an accommodation
Disability Discrimination And The Interactive Process
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