Electronic Records: Tips For Effective And Compliant Record Management

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About This Course:
Are you confident your organization is retaining email, text messages, social media posts, and other electronic business records in compliance with the law, regulatory rules, and organizational guidelines? Could you survive a million-dollar penalty for electronic record mismanagement?

Federal and state laws require the retention and production of email and other electronically stored information (ESI) in compliance with e-discovery guidelines. Thanks to smartphones and social media, employers face growing pressure to keep email, EPHI, and other electronic records secure. Failure to preserve, protect, and produce legally valid email, text messages, web content, and other ESI can trigger costly and protracted litigation.

Record mismanagement can result in regulatory audits and court sanctions. You cannot afford to leave the retention and disposition of electronic business records to chance - so enroll for this important training session.What You'll Learn:Compliance with the law and regulatory rules is mandatory. Join the ePolicy Institute's Nancy Flynn as she reveals a seven-step strategy for the effective and compliant management of electronic business records. This session covers:
  • How to ensure the effective, compliant management of electronic business records in seven steps
  • What is an electronic business record?
  • What do courts and regulators demand when it comes to the retention and disposition of email/ESI?
  • What is electronic protected health information (EPHI), and why do HR professionals need to be concerned?
  • Why and how to write effective, best practices-based record retention policies
  • Why you must support your record retention policy with litigation hold rules
  • Why and how to determine record lifecycles and deletion schedules
  • E-discovery: Courts demand prompt production of compliant, legally valid electronic evidence
  • Understanding how social media and mobile devices maximize record risks-and what your organization should be doing to shore up security breaches
  • Implementing strategic policies governing electronic business records
  • Supporting record management with employee training
  • Responding lawfully to a data breach
  • Technology solutions to help ensure compliance
  • Real-life disaster stories: Potentially costly consequences of record mismanagement
  • Timely information, expert advice, best practices and compliance tips
Intended Audience

This informative session is a must for HR professionals and others charged with electronic record retention policies and procedures.
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