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Electronic HR Records: Compliance & Best Practices Workshop

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Keeping up with electronic records as well as paper documentation has actually made your job twice as complex...and twice as legally dangerous.

New HR laws and regulations carry stringent rules on electronic records – and stiff penalties for noncompliance. And you can be sure that a savvy plaintiff's attorney will pounce on any electronic sins of commission OR omission.

Employers across the country are scrambling to decipher the legal rules for filing … retaining … protecting … and destroying their e-records. And each decision seems to lead to another question (Must I keep hard copies, too? Do the "separate files” rules also apply to electronic personnel records? Is "delete” the same as "destroy”?).

Join us for Electronic HR Records: Compliance & Best Practices Workshop. In this interactive webinar, attorney and nationally recognized record-keeping expert Joe Beachboard will examine today's (and tomorrow's) electronic record-keeping issues, providing practical advice on communicating your policies to managers.

Electronic HR Records: Compliance & Best Practices Workshop will cover:
  1. Record Retention: What, Where And For How Long?

    • How electronic retention rules differ from paper standards
    • How to know when it's safe to scan a document and dump the paper original
    • Retention policy changes needed due to Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act requirements
    • The best methods for keeping records safe and secure
    • Electronic I-9s: How to comply with the strict new federal rules on completing, signing and retaining
    • The four steps you must include in your electronic I-9 program

  2. Enforceable Agreements: What's Legal In The E-world

    • Legal requirements when allowing individuals to complete applications online
    • What counts as a "legal” electronic signature
    • When can you change company policies via email?
    • The key steps to an effective electronic records management system

  3. E-Discovery And Information Management

    • Which records you must be prepared to produce if hit with a legal complaint
    • What's a "litigation hold” and when are you required to apply it to your electronic records disposal?
    • The safest way to dispose of electronic HR records – and the questions to ask yourself before you do so
    • How little-known Federal Rules of Civil Procedure should alter your policy for storing and deleting company emails
These days, 70% of corporate records are stored electronically. Those electronic records can be your best legal friend … or your worst enemy.

When it comes to electronic records, mistakes are easy to make – and very expensive to undo. To find out how to avoid the legal pitfalls in electronic document collection, storage, retention and disposal, sign up for Electronic HR Records: Compliance & Best Practices Workshop today!
Course Details
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