/emergency-response-what-to-do-what-to-say-and-how-to-plan-for-it-on-5-24-2016-wc1021545 Emergency Response: What To Do, What To Say, And How To Plan For It | hr webinar | Webinar: ID# 1021545| Recorded

Emergency Response: What To Do, What To Say, And How To Plan For It

Webinar: ID# 1021545
Recorded On-Demand
About This Course:
Unplanned and unscheduled events happen all the time. But if the unplanned event is a tornado, an explosion, or workplace violence such as a shooting, the event can cause havoc to you, your company, your employees, and your community.

Why have an Emergency Management Plan? From weather to natural occurrences to mistakes, you must be prepared to handle an emergency event at your workplace. A well-done plan ensures you are prepared – it saves lives, property, money, and ultimately, your reputation as an employer and a viable company!

And, as fast as the media gets hold of stories today, you have to have a communication plan, as you can't afford to shoot from the hip when an event occurs at your workplace.

Emergency Management Planning is a necessity to ensure you are as prepared as you can be for any negative events that happen at work. The key is keeping the planning process simple, while ensuring you have addressed proper preparation and response when something does occur.

This training session will help you develop a simple, easy, and effective Emergency Management Plan. Don't wait: Order today so your organization won't be caught unprepared!

What You'll Learn:

Join us for a 90-minute audio conference when our expert offers an overview of the key elements and components that make an effective Emergency Management Plan.

You will review who has the authority to activate your plan and when, what must be part of every plan, compliance and policy issues that impact before and during an event, and other important factors that go into your planning process, including:

  • The Policies you need before an event to ensure smooth transitioning after an event
  • The key elements that must be in every plan
  • Critical issues for your Emergency Planning Team and your Emergency Response Team to consider
  • How to take a simplified all-hazards approach using three key categories
  • What your employees and managers need to know before an emergency occurs
  • How and what to communicate with employees and management during critical times
  • Who has the authority to activate your plan - and when
  • Strategies to test your plan to make sure it works right
Emergency Response: What To Do, What To Say, And How To Plan For It
or via On-Demand
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