From Religion To Romance, Bullying To FMLA Abuse: Avoiding And Handling Thorny Employee Issues

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About This Course:
Would you know how to respond if one employee feels bullied by another’s religious beliefs and actions? Or what to do if you found pictures of an employee snow-skiing - who was out on leave for a medical condition? Or, how to respond when two of your employees start dating and break up?

This webinar is designed to help you navigate common and growing issues arising in the workplace.

Focused on providing practical tips to avoid problems and prevent their escalation, the topics will include policies and tips to address dating in the workplace; preventing and responding to workplace bullying and other potential sources of harassment or violence; handling religious accommodations to avoid liability and maintain productivity; and handling issues that frequently arise when employees take leave under the FMLA or ADA.

Relationships in the Workplace After #MeToo
  • Hypotheticals and Legal Implications
  • Policies
  • Discussion Tips
  • Love Contracts
Workplace Bullying
  • Legal Protections and When Bullying Becomes a Hostile Work Environment
  • Avoidance Through Policies
  • Avoidance Through Workplace Culture
  • Responding to Bullying Allegations
  • Dealing With "Jerk" Employees
Religious Accommodations in the Workplace
  • Hypotheticals and Legal Implications
  • Policies
  • Investigations and Culture Shifts
  • Undue Burden Discussion Tips
Employee Leave Abuse
  • Use or Abuse?
  • Knowing How to Handle Leaves Under the FMLA and ADA
  • Social Media and Employee Leave Investigations
  • What Happens When Leave Keeps Getting Extended?
  • Documenting Your Case of Abuse
From Religion To Romance, Bullying To FMLA Abuse: Avoiding And Handling Thorny Employee Issues
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