How To Develop And Conduct Safety Training

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About This Course:
Training your employees on safety topics is not just a "nice to have"; it is required by OSHA. But developing and presenting safety training is not something that everyone knows how to do: it takes skill and experience to do it right!

OSHA does not just require us to train our employees, they require that we do it in an effective way. So where do you start? How do you ensure the training programs you are providing meet OSHA requirements, and how do you determine if your training is effective?

Attend this audio conference to help get you on the road to effective development and delivery of safety training in your workplace.

Learning Objectives

By attending this training session, you and your co-workers will learn:
  • The critical components a workplace safety training program must have to be in compliance with OSHA standards
  • How to audit your current safety training program for potential areas of improvement
  • Why new-hire safety on-boarding is critical to your company and your workers
  • The critical elements every effective safety training program should contain
  • How to implement the most successful training methodologies, schedules, and evaluations
  • Why employee engagement is so important in ensuring transfer and retention of knowledge
  • The importance of tailoring your training to employees' language and education level
  • How to reinforce your employees’ learning after the training ends
  • The best methods to keep your safety training program relevant and effective in your workplace
  • How to evaluate the true effectiveness of your safety training, using metrics that matter
How To Develop And Conduct Safety Training
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