How To Supervise Employees Who Don't Get Along

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About This Course:
What do you typically do when you have two or more employees on your team who don't get along? Do you hold your breath and hope the problem will go away?

Have you witnessed sabotage, but were not sure what to do about it? Have you disciplined or terminated the employee(s) who can't get along, or were you afraid to let a "problem child" go for fear of a lawsuit?

Conflict looms in organizations of all sizes; it's part of life. As a leader, it's your job to address the problem without beating around the bush.

However, you still have to deal with them in a calm and professional manner. If this sounds like something you are facing and quitting is not an option, this audio conference is for you.

Learning Objectives:

Join Carol Hacker, a senior HR professional, for practical tips for managing people who don't get along. Highlights of this fast-paced audio conference include how to:

  • Handle quick-tempered employees without getting upset and taking the blame for their actions
  • Teach your employees how to develop the positive co-worker relationships that are key to dealing with difficult or destructive co-worker behavior
  • Prepare in advance for confrontation and potential difficult conversations with employees who don't get along
  • Deal with difficult employees by adjusting your communication style to exert positive influence
  • Manage the employees who avoid damage to their own careers while making everyone else look bad
  • Manage difficult team dynamics, but not short-change your other employees by becoming overly concerned with troublemakers
  • Intervene between co-workers that can't stand one another and would benefit from your perspective
  • Maintain an open dialogue with your employees. Openly sharing information and updates on the organization and department will reduce the need for gossip that often leads to conflict among co-workers
How To Supervise Employees Who Don't Get Along
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