How To Use Personality Styles To Build Effective Workplace Relationships

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About This Course:
Surveys show that much of the stress you experience at work is related to people issues – and these issues often result from basic personality differences. In fact, personality style has a significant impact on how people approach work and interact with others.

Chances are that you work with people of varying personality styles – some similar to you and some quite different, so treating people the way you want to be treated doesn’t always bring about positive results.

Wouldn’t your professional life be less stressful if you knew a simple way to reach accurate conclusions about your co-workers’ personality styles - and could use that information to communicate more effectively and get the results you need? That’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do in our "Building Effective Workplace Relationships" webinar.

This informative training session will help you to determine where your co-workers personality styles fall within the four broad behavioral styles using the industry-standard DISC model. Used by more than 40 million people worldwide, DISC is a behavioral assessment tool that provides a comprehensive model for understanding your management style - and how to effectively manage and interact with others.

This training session will help you discover key factors for effective communication specific to each style that you can immediately put to use to build stronger, more positive workplace relationships.

Learning Objectives

By attending, you and/or your co-workers will learn how to:
  • Build more effective workplace relationships
  • Identify your own general DISC style and
  • Ascertain the DISC style of other people
  • Understand the priorities, fears, motivations, and challenges specific to each DISC style
  • Apply knowledge about a person’s DISC style to improve relationships and achieve results
  • Explore DISC more thoroughly to achieve specific workplace objectives, such as team building, improving management skills, growing as a leader, etc.
Note for those people familiar with DISC: you do not have to take a DISC Assessment to participate or benefit from this training session.
How To Use Personality Styles To Build Effective Workplace Relationships
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