I-9 Compliance Issues: Things That Most Employers Don’t Realize They Need To Know

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About This Course:
Form I-9 compliance goes beyond just filling out the form. It requires that every business have Form I-9 policies and procedures in place that cover items such as:
  • Properly making corrections on a Form I-9
  • Storage of Form I-9s
  • Destruction of Form I-9s
  • Procedures for handling name changes, identity changes, and internal I-9 audits
In order for a business to be compliant with Form I-9 federal regulations, that business must have in place written policies and procedures that address a variety of issues that relate to Form I-9 compliance.

This training session covers these issues in detail and provides the information and practice tips you need to implement I-9 policies and procedures that will put your business in the best position possible to defend an audit of your I-9s by ICE.What You'll Learn:This event will review critical compliance issues that need to be addressed by every employer, and includes solutions for how to handle them. We will cover policies that need to be implemented, as well as practice tips and resource materials to assist in having the best procedures in place for I-9 compliance.

By attending the audio conference, you will learn:
  • How to properly make corrections to the Form I-9
  • Overview of recent governmental guidance on how it wants changes made in specific situations
  • Tips for your name change policy and procedure
  • Steps for handling an employee with an identity change - and having a corporate policy that addresses same in order to avoid discrimination claims
  • An understanding of the anti-discrimination portion of the Form I-9 law and policies that must be in place to make certain that your business does not end up the subject of an investigation for discrimination related to the Form I-9 process
  • Practice tips on how to put in place storage and destruction policies
I-9 Compliance Issues: Things That Most Employers Don’t Realize They Need To Know
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