Indemnification And Contractual Liability

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About This Course:
Legal liability can be defined as an obligation, created by law, which creates a duty upon a person or entity to act or refrain from acting in a particular manner. Breach of that duty exposes the responsible party to financial loss if that breach results in injury or damage to another party.

This course addresses how to limit an organization's liability to third parties as a result of unintentional injury or property damage by using contractual "risk transfer." Risk transfer, a widely used risk management tool, is triggered by indemnification and hold harmless agreements, and this course describes and clarifies the obligations and benefits they impose.What You'll Learn:About This Course
  • Target Audience: Business Owners, Executives, Risk Managers, and Insurance Professional
  • Time To Complete: 105 minutes
  • Purpose: To address the benefits and risks of indemnification and hold harmless agreements
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Indemnification And Contractual Liability
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