Job Description Manager

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About This Course:
The Job Description Manager is an intuitive, innovative way to create, edit, approve, distribute, and store job descriptions for your entire organization in one place.

You'll get access to nearly 2,000 pre-written job descriptions, easily customizable to make your work easier. You can even store your job descriptions online for easy access and updating - your latest copy is just a click away.

Access your job description library anytime from anywhere and manage your job descriptions online without any software downloads.What You'll Learn:In just one click, you can produce a standardized job description. You can:
  • Include relevant tasks, behaviors, and physical requirements for that job
  • Add, edit, delete, or reorganize easily and quickly
  • Create your own personal job description library
  • Produce PDFs and printed versions with a click of your mouse
Plus, it features team approvals that will:
  • Define your team, including multiple reviewers and approvers
  • Ensure efficient communication, and a smooth-running process through email notifications
  • Streamline changes with the ability to edit with your team directly in the Job Description Manager
  • Gain quick status updates with date/time stamp updates
  • Give you a clear dashboard view to track the status of all of your job description approvals
Job Description Manager
Price: $399.00
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