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Payroll Rules For Deferred Compensation

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Many employers use a deferred compensation plan to attract and retain top talent. But like any other benefit, there are rules to follow, especially within the realm of the payroll department.

This webinar gives details that payroll professionals need to be better understand commonly used deferred comp plan features - and the IRS requirements that impact the payroll professional.

These impacts can range from pretax deductions, reporting requirements, and participation in discrimination audits.What You'll Learn:
  • The difference between Defined Benefits plans and Defined Contribution plans
  • Details on differences between qualified and non-qualified plans
  • How to properly report plans to the IRS on employees W-2
  • What is discrimination testing and how it impacts a company?
  • What is the importance of the annual limits?
  • A basic review of the deferred compensation IRS section #s - and what they mean with regard to how plans must be run to keep their tax benefits
Payroll Rules For Deferred Compensation
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