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Performance Reviews: How To Train Supervisors And Managers To Deliver Meaningful Feedback And Map Out Development Goals

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In most cases, HR is hard-pressed to gather semi-annual and annual reviews from its managers and department heads. And, performance-review time is often the least favorite time of year for managers and employees alike, producing anxiety and even dissatisfaction if the results are not what employees had hoped.

Most times managers are simply trained to fill in the bubbles or boxes on a rating sheet. The questions can be vague or even inappropriate to an individual’s job duties. Yet managers and employees must plod through the process each year.

Beyond a fill-in-the-box rating system, many organizations are turning to more conversational approaches, which can be more effective in engaging employees and creating more skilled people. When managers first think about the individual and their contributions, the evaluation becomes a focused, personalized discussion that the employee can understand. In addition, the employee can engage in the discussion.

Emphasizing positives, noting challenges or areas of improvement, and managing the conversation are all skills that managers can be trained to develop.

Join us when Dr. William Schiemann of Metrus Group will discuss how to train supervisors and managers to create and deliver meaningful performance reviews. Also, because today’s workers generally crave ongoing feedback, he’ll teach you how to train supervisors and managers to coach and mentor their teams on an ongoing basis, and how such continual feedback can be turned into action-oriented, objective performance evaluations.What You'll Learn:
  • Why performance management must be thought about in a context of employee fulfillment and engagement
  • How to use annual performance reviews as a springboard to fuel ongoing conversations that drive performance
  • How to change your mindset to see the review not as the annual reveal of a performance rating, but as the culmination of meaningful conversations throughout the year
  • Tips for engaging employees and their supervisors and managers in the conversation to fuel everyone’s growth and development
  • How to address areas where improvement is needed in a candid, caring, and well-documented way
  • Why it’s important to start the year off right by setting goals and measuring progress along the way
  • Tips to simplify the process so supervisors and managers can focus on the performance conversation rather than stressing about it being time to “check the box” and turn in their performance reviews
  • And much more!
Performance Reviews: How To Train Supervisors And Managers To Deliver Meaningful Feedback And Map Out Development Goals
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