Pre-Employment Screening: Can I Ask That Question?

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About This Course:
Properly screening an applicant to insure he or she is a good fit has raised concerns regarding the employee's right to privacy against the employer's right to know who they are hiring.

But to ensure a quality workforce and to prevent potential lawsuits for negligent hires, employers need to conduct thorough background checks on prospective applicants. But how far is too far?

Investigations that delve too deeply into an applicant's private lives can lead to potential lawsuits, especially if the employer chooses to not hire someone based on the background information.

For instance, using information from someone's Facebook page, personal blogs, or from search engine tools - or even asking for an applicant's personal login information for personal blogs or social media pages - may result in claims for invasion of privacy and potential discrimination lawsuits.

What You'll Learn:

In this informative audio conference, you will learn the parameters of the pre-employment screening process and know what you can and cannot ask, including:

  • The employer's liability for hiring applicants without a proper background investigation
  • How to conduct a background check and the tools and resources availability to an employer
  • The types of questions an employer may ask an applicant during an interview
  • How to use criminal history and when can an employer refuse to make an offer of employment based on the applicant's criminal history
  • When and how to use credit checks and the limitations on the use of credit reports
  • The use of social media in the risks involved in asking an applicant for information regarding his or her use of social media
  • What types of questions to ask applicants the employer suspects requires an accommodation
Pre-Employment Screening: Can I Ask That Question?
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