Taming the Paper Monster

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Taming the Paper Monster
About This Course:
Get vital business records organized once and for all!

Poor records management can deplete profits and expose your company to compliance actions and legal liability.

Taming the Paper Monster reveals why every company needs a formal records-management program and shows you how to develop the right system for your firm.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Rein in Your Records:

  • Document Costs Add Up
  • 'Just Ask Agnes'
  • Benefits Outweigh Costs
  • Survival Tips

1. The Management Plan

  • Steps to Effective Records Management
  • What to Keep, What to Toss
  • A Competitive Edge Overseas
  • Case Study: Product Liability
  • Audit Your Records Companywide
  • Start With Document Creation
  • Your Mission: Search and Destroy ...
  • The Originator's Rule
  • Life Cycle of a Business Record
  • Draft a Retention Schedule
  • 10 Deadly Sins of a Corporate Records Retention Program
  • Storage Formats: What's Appropriate?
  • Choosing a Storage Method
  • A World Trade Center Survival Story
  • Transfers and Tracking
  • Who's in Charge?
  • Those Endless Forms
  • Scan for Savings

2. Vital Records

  • Categories of Importance
  • Keep an Online Inventory
  • Research Retention Requirements
  • Research Sources
  • Document Your Research
  • Go on the Defensive
  • Regulatory Roundup
  • Recordkeeping Requirements

3. File Security

  • Disaster Can Strike Anywhere, Anytime
  • Records Security: Where to Start
  • Methods of Record Protection
  • Document Filing Options
  • Storage Options
  • Evaluating On-Site Facilities
  • Benefits of Off-Site Storage
  • Electronic Storage
  • Double-Check Your Security
  • Safeguard Computer Records
  • Unprepared for Security Breach
  • Perform Frequent Backups
  • Keeping Computer Secrets
  • The Privacy Issue
  • ADA's Impact on Employee Privacy
  • Requiring Information Releases
  • Controlling E-Mail
  • The Boss Is Watching
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Raising Security Awareness

4. Records Disposal

  • The Legal Rationale
  • Disposal: Make It Routine
  • Document All Disposal
  • Double-Check Your Recycler
  • Electronic Records Have Shelf Life, Too
  • Choose a Foolproof Method
  • If Legal Action Looms ...

5. Retention Schedules

  • Timetable Tips
  • When No Requirements Exist ...
  • Records Retention Guide

Appendix: Records Management Resources

  • Government Offices and Regulatory Agencies
  • Associations and Other Resources
Taming the Paper Monster
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